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EPPIC Inc – is Guy W. Wallace and his Associates

Guy W. Wallace is a Performance Analyst and Instructional Architect – designing and developing Learning and Performance Support content for enterprise critical target audiences.

Guy has worked as an external consultant since 1982 – serving over 75 clients – including more than 45 F500 firms – on over 250 projects. Details here.

Guy formed EPPIC Inc. in 1982.



Guy W. Wallace           mobile: 704- 746- 5126              guy.wallace@eppic.biz 

Before starting EPPIC Inc. (2002-today)  Guy was a partner/consultant/equity owner at Svenson & Wallace Inc. (1982-1997) and then the founder/ senior partner/ consultant/ 98% equity owner at CADDI Inc. (1997-2002).


Since 1982 Guy has been an external consultant, conducting Process & Performance Analysis and Design, specializing the the modular design of instruction, in Formal and Informal modes, and in performance-based paths or menus – or combinations thereof.

CADs – known as such since before a 1984 Training Magazine article on Curriculum Architecture Design that he co-authored – bring a logic and performance orientation to OnBoarding and OnGoing development needs.

Guy facilitates teams of Master Performers to quickly conduct analysis, design and development of a variety of blended media – all targeted at measurable results in individual, process and enterprise performance, in much the same way as described in this 1984 article that he co-authored: Models and Matrices.

His work has won internal awards for my clients at General Motors, HP, Siemens Building Technologies and won external industry awards at ISPI for work done with AT&T, HP and Imperial Oil.

Guy first became a CPT –  Certified Performance Technologist –  in 2002 – and he has maintained the professional credential since that time. ISPI has been his professional home – due to their focus on evidence-based practice and measured results – since 1979. He has served as a Director on the Board (1999-2000) and then as President-Elect and President (2003-2004). He has presented over 40 times for ISPI chapters, plus dozens and dozens of presentations at ISPI conferences – where Guy has attended 32 of the last 35 conferences.

In 2010 he received the ISPI – International Society for Performance Improvement’s highest award, the Honorary Member for Life, for his contributions to both the technology of Performance Improvement and to the Society.

Also in 2010 he was recruited as an inaugural member of ASQ’s Influential Voices Social Media initiative to Raise the Voice of Quality. He has been published externally since 1794, and has self published many books, articles and Blog Posts.

A list of Guy’s clients, brief project descriptions for over 250 of his projects, plus lists and access to many of his publications and presentations, plus another 300+ Free Resources – can be obtained at his web site in the Resources Tab.


Focus on the Performance Requirements – and Enable Them


EPPIC …is focused on creating Value by leveraging the knowledge/skills of Master Performers to increase the performance of everyone. We use collaborative, blended approaches to performance improvement – and our eye is always on the ROI.

Our speciality is Curriculum Architecture Design and modular Instructional Activity Design and Development.

Guy W. Wallace is a CPT – Certified Performance Technologist – and has been since September 2002. That means his work and results have been attested to by his clients.

He has received numerous awards and recognition from his clients – GM and HP and Siemens Building Technologies (MCC Powers) – and from professional organizations, including:

  • Guy was the recipient of ISPI’s Honorary Life Member Award in 2010. This is ISPI’s highest award for service to the technology of performance improvement and to the Society, after unanimous consent of two successive boards of directors.  See more about Guy and ISPI – here.
  • Guy was recruited as a founding member of the ASQ Influential Voices Program in 2010.  See more about Guy and ASQ – here.

Guy’s Professional Biographies

Guy W Wallace – Abbreviated Professional Biography – 2014-07-16 (3 pages)

Guy W Wallace – Detailed Professional Biography – 2014-07 (31 pages)

Guy and EPPIC Can Assist You with the Following Consulting Services

  • Conducting a “T&D/L&D Systems View Assessment Workshop” with the Corporate University Management Team to determine a consensus on the current state and gaps from ideal, and to prioritize and macro-plan the development and implementation of processes, infrastructure and staff development, that needs to be addressed going forward.
  • ReDesigning the ADDIE-level processes (my MCD Process) for quality, speed and predictability – plus my CAD processes for Architecting performance-based Learning Paths, plus establishing a ECA – Enterprise Content Architecture. (6 O’Clock in T&D Systems View)
  • Conducting Staff Development and Performance Competence Certification if desired for the Project Planner/Managers, Analysts, CAD Designers, MCD-IAD Designers, and Lead Developers – which typically involves doing demo projects (CAD and MCD/IAD) as part of the Advanced Organizers for PACT Practitioners in development.
  • Conducting development sessions for the Curriculum Managers/ Program & Product-line Managers of the University (5 O’Clock in T&D Systems View).
  • Conducting CAD, MCD or IAD efforts.


Contact Information for Guy W. Wallace – EPPIC Inc.

Snail Mail Address… 20417 Harborgate Court #510         Cornelius NC 28031

Phone… Mobile:  704- 746- 5126

Internet…    Email: guy.wallace@eppic.biz            Web: www.eppic.biz

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CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design

Guy’s specialty, since his first back in 1982 and with Exxon Exploration USA for their Geologists and Geophysicists, is Curriculum Architecture Design – CAD. CAD efforts produce Learning Paths, T&D Paths, Development Roadmaps, etc., etc., should be called: Performance Development Paths.  His performance and enabler analysis efforts can very easily be designed to lead to better recruiting & selection systems, better training & development systems, better performance appraisal & management systems and better qualification & certification systems.

Guy’s CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design – efforts – produces Performance Development Paths, and are based on a rigorous but quick analysis of the performance requirements produced via a group process meeting with Master Performers. They determine ideal performance, the current state gaps between Master Performers and non-Master Performers, and they systematically derive the enabling knowledge/skills, and then may be involved in determining  the appropriate (or not) ReUse of existing content – both Instructional and Informational.

CAD - POTs 2012

If there is instruction and information available, that would be used in the design, as is, or after modification.

CAD is used for the development of performance-based Training Paths (Learning Paths, Development Roadmaps, etc.) that reconcile the performance requirement needs with the existing content to identify gaps and overlaps of content. This attempts to create a holistic approach to both On-Boarding and On-Going Development – for Performance Requirements Competence – that includes formal and less formal as appropriate to the Risks and Rewards of the situation and the ROI potential.

CAD Path Supervisors

Guy has conducted 75 such CAD efforts since that first in 1982.

His staff and client staff that he developed have also produced hundreds and hundreds of additional efforts.

He co-authored the first article published on Curriculum Architecture – in Training Magazine in September 1984 – and was the first to present nationally on the topic – at an NSPI Conference in 1985.

He has been teaching others on his staff and on his corporate clients’ staffs these ISD – Instructional Systems Design’s analysis and design methods for CAD – and at the course development level (MCD) – since 1983.

He started EPPIC after 20 years as a partner in 2 other consulting firms: at Svenson & Wallace Inc (SWI) 1982-1997 – and at CADDI 1997-2002.

1 of Over 45 Recommendations for Guy W. Wallace on LinkedIn

Richard E. (Dick) Clark, PhD – USC – Professor and Director, Center for Cognitive Technology, University of Southern California   – APA Fellow – clark@usc.edu

“My university research center concentrates on R&D in evidence-based performance improvement and one of our goals is to keep track of the activities of top professionals. Guy Wallace constantly appears on our radar as the best current example of the consummate professional in our field.

His broad experience, constant creativity, successful work for his clients and his original contributions to our field all sum together into a very impressive career. Guy has been working in the same field for a quarter century and he could easily rest on his past accomplishments. Yet he continues to create novel and exciting solutions for his clients. He invests considerable effort and so understands both best practice and the huge body of research and evaluation that supports practice.

He also spends quality time helping younger colleagues develop and works to advance our profession though professional organizations such as the International Society for Performance Improvement (where he was elected President a few years back) and the American Society for Training and Development.

But what impresses me most about Guy is his ability to think clearly about very complex problems. He has an exceptional talent for stepping back from complex issues and generating simple solutions and insights that are both sensible and effective.”

- Dick Clark – June 28, 2009

EPPIC is the Enterprise Process Performance Improvement Consultancy

Guy Wallace and EPPIC do instructional design and performance improvement efforts. We conduct Performance and Gap Analysis efforts using structured, collaborative Methods with our clients’ handpicked Master Performers. These methods have been field tested in projects hundreds and hundreds of times by me, my ISD Consulting staff, and my clients’ ISD staff, for over 30 years.

Our approach makes the process and outcomes, the tasks and the cycle times, and the schedules and costs – very predictable.

We do most of our work over 80% – for a Fixed Fee versus Time & Expense – and have been doing so since since 1982. We have never issued a change order.  Not since entering the consulting field in 1982.

  • Here are our Testimonials and Case Studies that speak to our demonstrated capabilities – and to the Results produced.
  • Our Client Listing has over 60 firms including more than 45 Fortune 500 Firms.
  • We have received several highly prized Awards and Recognition which are listed here.

Leveraging People

We work with your Master Performers as a group – in a Group Process – to combat the fact that up to 70% of what an expert knows is non-conscious.

We use this Group Process approach for analysis, design and development efforts to speed the process and improve the results and impact to performance on-the-job! We use this approach – the Group Process – for both Instructional Design efforts and our Performance Improvement efforts well beyond Knowledge/Skills issues.

Always for ROI.

The goal is always to average EVERYONE UP the Performance Competence Curve! For ROI.

Contact Information for EPPIC Inc.

Snail Mail Address…

20417 Harborgate Court #510

Cornelius NC 28031


Mobile:  704- 746- 5126


Email: guy.wallace@eppic.biz

Web: www.eppic.biz

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Additional Recommendations for Guy Via LinkedIn

Randy Kohout

Vice President of Organization Capability CUNA Mutual randy.kohout@cunamutual.com

“Guy is a true instructional design and performance improvement professional, author and practitioner. While I was working at Bank of America we commissioned Guy and his CADDI team to redesign the three retail bank learning and development programs into one high performing curriculum design.

As a result of this work we were able to reduce turnover at the front line teller positions by an average of 30%.

Guy’s ethics and proven approach made the effort very cost effective and fast to implement. I would recommend Guy for his knowledge of   human performance technology, for his client service focus and for his business ethics.

- Randy Kohout VP, CUNA Mutual Group – March 22, 2009

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Darlene Van Tiem

“Guy Wallace is a 21st century Renaissance man with remarkable insights and the stamina and commitment to actualize the ideas. He is a leader professionally through his consultancy and through the International Society for Performance Improvement while still having time to enjoy his boat and family.

Guy developed curriculum architecture as an instructional design approach that captures the complex learning needs of all employees into one comprehensive matrix. The process is detailed and logical, based on collaboration with clients, including those in the many occupations as part of the architecture plan. Guy has won awards from General Motors Corporation and Siemens Corporation to name a few.

Guy is a Certified Performance Technologist and a penultimate leader in the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). As an ISPI director and later president-elect and president, Guy focused on enhancing the practice of our profession. He continues by capturing the ideas of the thought leaders via podcasts which will become a legacy for emerging professionals in the years to come.

Guy has received many awards and recognition from ISPI, including the Honorary Life Member award which is ISPI’s highest award, an Outstanding Instructional product award, two Outstanding Instructional Communications awards, Chapter Partnership Recognition, and many more. Through Guy’s leadership, in one year the new Charlotte Chapter had 200 members, held six programs and 3 workshops, while keeping the dues exceptionally low.

Students and members new to the field of performance improvement admire his openness, accessibility, and wisdom.”

April 18, 2011 Darlene Van TiemCurriculum Manager, General Physics Corporation


Other Feedback/ Comments

“Guy – your stuff is great! Every person who touches anything about learning and performance should be a constant visitor to your website!”

- Comment from LinkedIn on December 10, 2011

“Guy Wallace has a very impressive methodology. He is a highly successful consultant and has been affiliated with legit leaders in the ISD field for many years. His CAD method is great and is supported by a super comprehensive book. So it’d be worth it, if people can attend.”

- Comment forwarded to me – about my CAD Webinar for the Armed Forces Chapter of ISPI delivered on December 7, 2011

“Guy, that was a very interesting interview and you will add an approach and perspective that I think will be new and exciting to many. Look forward to publishing!”

- Bill Fox on LinkedIn – December 15, 2011 – About “Performance Modeling”

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See Guy’s LinkedIn Profile with over 35 Recommendations 

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