The Acid Tests for Your T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management Systems

Test #1-

If you don’t know for a fact, and have fact-based dataversus opinion-based data – to back you up…

…that your T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management Systems ARE enabling, improving and/or sustaining human performance in Enterprise processes…

…and have generated a quantifiable amount of Returns for a quantified amount of Investments…

…then you have failed in your stewardship duties.

You cannot state ROI due to this lack of data. OK.

But can you easily demonstrate and prove that you…

  • Focus on terminal performance competence and not just on enabling competencies that may not necessarily transfer well to a different context than that presented in the formal or informal Learning
  • Tie all content to the performance it enables/informs, especially to any internal BPM efforts, outputs and models…do not create redundant models!
  • Design an Enterprise Content Architecture and then all of the group-paced and self-paced “templates” to support it and insure the instructional integrity of it all as a system BEFORE handing them over to SMEs and MPs to populate/author
  • Keep all content EVERGREEN using routine and demand driven approaches, technology, a designated team of hand-selected Master Performers as “gatekeepers/editors” — unless the content is within “informal learning communities” that are intended as “open forums” where “the quality of the content cannot be guaranteed!” and is noted as such on such “communications/instructional channels”
  • If you don’t have the internal expertise to self-generate the content, you hire it in and use the “best performers you currently have” and others to help integrate external best practice approaches with internal realities regarding human and environmental assets, or you change what is needed
  • Integrate your key, strategic customers and suppliers into your system to improve communications and interactions and synergies


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