ARM Yourself – To Get: Aligned – Resourced – Measured

ARMed: Aligned – Resourced – Measured
Are you ARMed? Would the leadership of your Enterprise concur? Then please share what works for you.

If you are not…then ARM yourself by first focusing with the business leadership to Align to the key business strategies that will make or break the Enterprise and will need Instructional Content support…and for all current, critical operations. Not the low hanging fruit of the masses of job titles. There are places to “not go there.” Because of constrained resources and ROI and business metrics.

Then, second, it’s up to the leadership to Resource your efforts adequately. And then it’s up to you to be a good steward of those resources. Grow and develop your talent. Use effective and efficient processes. Make your targets for cost and schedule and quality as measured by improved or sustained job performance of those critical business processes and/or functions/ departments/ jobs…the target populations that you’ve been aligned to.

Third, everyone should have visibility of the Measures and results of measurement.

How to ARM Yourself?
With the stakeholders. For the stakeholders. Set up a “Governance & Advisory System” that is as formal as needed, given the complexity of your situation.

At the top a permanent “Board of Governors” – BoG – with the top leadership meeting as often as THEY see necessary.

Next, “Advisory Councils” representing the Enterprise and how it is, most likely, functionally organized…BUT WITH A PROCESS CENTRISITY!!! They meet more often, a frequency that is a function of the amount of work they have on this plate…for this assignment…this additional duty.

The function that owns the process owns the Human Asset that enable Enterprise Process Performance competence…responsibilities as well. And the Environmental Assets too. And the paper process design, designed to meet the balanced needs and desires of its many stakeholders, that drives the need for Human Assets and Environmental Assets.

The Advisory Councils are just like Professional Communities. They advise the BoG regarding the investments that they see needed for their areas. To improve and/or sustain performance. For ROI.

If the BoG resources those requests because they’ve done the balancing of requests against the needs of the business, then the project should be seen as important, aligned. Then the Advisory Council will use the resources and establish a temporary Project Steering Team to oversee the efforts to build and/or buy and then deploy and evaluate/measure, Instructional Content, of any, many blends.

And measure at 4 levels: satisfaction, mastery of objectives, transfer to the job, and ROI.

-!!!…Whoever never saw ROI as the “RESULTS” level of Kirkpatrick’s 4 level model, weren’t thinking like an owner!

What To Do Next?
Deliver on the promise; deliver value.

And for that it will take excellent processes.

Processes beyond your ISD processes…although those better be performance-based…for the measure is now process performance…the ability to perform tasks to produce outputs to stakeholder requirements and desires.

Performance-based Instructional Content ONLY!

Should there be any other kind?

Ask a business owner? It’s their money.


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