Targeting Specific Process Performance for All Instructional Content Development Efforts!

Should you be able to “name and number” the “specific performance applications” of the “target audiences” for the “enabling competencies” that your soft-skills training/learning addresses? Can you? Do you?

Soft skills…ironically they are some of the hardest to teach/learn.

But why?

I believe that it is due to the fact that most ISD approaches today do not result in the “Instructional Content developers” having a clear understanding of the “specific performance applications” of the target audiences for the “enabling competencies” that they are developing.
Without Targeting Specific Process Performance
And of course that means that the Learning Objectives that they may be using to drive and guide first their evaluation specifications and then their development specifications/outputs…are not linked back to the specific terminal performances!
So the enabler becomes a thing to learn for itself…and not for Enterprise Process Performance.
And then the Mastery, Transfer and Results targets are darn difficult to state and later measure and evaluate.
Because an enabler cannot be looked at easily in isolation. Oh you can easily look at “opinion data” – but not so easily look at “fact data” such as more quality widgets on time and under budget, etc. As well as have an “inkling of a clue” regarding what the other contributing factors/variables there were in the first place for the performance.
Time Management. Active Listening.
Win-Win Negotiations and Persuasions.
Verbal Communications.
Written Communications.
Positive Customer Relationships.
Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Return on Investments
And as “it should have been all about the process performance” in the first place…but isn’t…it is less likely to affect the process performance in a positive manner.
One that produces positive ROI.
And avoids negative ROI.
It takes getting aligned to critical Enterprise issues and needs. Not just populating your Enterprise Content Architecture’s electronic warehouse with a lot of content.
Unless your resources are not constrained…and then…well…nevermind!
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