Is Performance Competence Averaging Up – or – Averaging Down?

Level 4 or Level 5 Evaluation Metrics for Instructional Content (depending on your view) is about Results

…which can vary depending on what you are ultimately looking for as the Returns for the Enterprise’s Investments in T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management.

Do you look for performance improvements at the Performer level? Yes.

Do you look for performance improvements at the Process level? Yes.

Do you look for performance improvements at the Enterprise level? Yes.

Do you look for performance improvements at the Societal level? Yes. (You know…do no harm….).

But can you get Societal improvements (or at least “do no harm”), and Enterprise improvements, and Process improvements without improving the learner/Performer? Sometimes, yes you can.

Without affecting the human assets (awareness-knowledge-skills-attributes and values) you can provide better or adequate data/information, or materials/supplies, or tools and equipment, etc.

Remember the old saw about sharper saws?

And sometimes you can attempt to leverage the process improvements via improved awareness-knowledge-skills and succeed. But most often the REAL LEVERAGE is in more than improved awareness-knowledge-skills. More than…as in…including those but then “in addition to those”…not, “in place of”….

So…how do your T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management processes ensure that all of the key variables, including details regarding the specific awareness-knowledge-skills AND MORE are uncovered in an upfront process proceeding solution design and development?

And do they average the performance competence up…or down?

What do your customers and other stakeholders think?

How are “improvement targets” selected and validated? How are your “design and development” processes informed? How predictable are they in terms of cycle time, incurred costs and burden, and quality…in terms of averaging performance competence…not learning competencies…up and not down?

Is this an improvement target for your system?

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