Why wouldn’t you want your ISD processes to be linear?

ADDIE as a model representing ISD – Instructional Systems Design has often been criticised in the past for representing ISD as linear.

I really think ISD should be linear.

At least ISD applied to Training…perhaps less so for Education…and not-even-close for sensitive, internal/external Communications to a mutli-varied-target audience…in terms of my expectations for the linearity of it all.

That “linearity” was one of my goals back in the early 1980s when I began for formalize our consulting firm’s ISD methodologies for performance-based Curriculum Architecture Design and our version of ADDIE/ISD and another adaptation of the “Performance Model & Enabler Matrices” to design and develop stand alone instructional content AND/OR Knowledge Tests and Performance Tests…which I considered as “potential” instructional components in potential future “instructional products” that might stand on their own for the learners/Performers for a while until those are built/bought…if ever.

If ISD is not linear – it means rework.

By design? I hope not. I hope not for the sake of your stakeholders, especially the owners.

I hope that your stewardship of the resources entrusted to the T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management organizations/ systems/ processes…however named/ configured/ resourced/ managed…leads you to more efficient processes.

The ADDIE-like level of ISD is exactly LIKE the New Product Development process of your Enterprise. It’s our version of that same kind-of-thing. Many other organizations have a process in place for responding with a service and/or product…for external customers…and internal customers.

Your ISD new product development process is possibly:

  • fast and effective and generates a significant ROI
  • fast but ineffective and does not generate significant ROI
  • slow but effective and generates a significant ROI
  • slow but ineffective and generates minimal ROI
  • slow and ineffective and generates negative ROI

And other combinations…many not too good. Is your ISD process/processes OK? Are they stellar?

If not- you need ones that do better. Much better. As measured by Performance Competence…

…Performance Competence – is the ability to perform tasks to produce outputs to stakeholder requirements and (some) desires.

My book, leanISD, covers the PACT Processes extensively and is offered as a free, 404-page PDF at http://www.eppic.biz/

Other resources, tools, templates, articles and presentations are also available for free! As long as the source is acknowledged!

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