Collaborating with the Customer in ISD Efforts

…is not like collaborating with the enemy…although many ISDers don’t really like working with their clients and SMEs.
They’ve told me. And what we both come to understand soon is that it is a control issue.
They don’t like to be controlled AND they are not comfortable themselves with trying to control the customer.

In my PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management, one of my favorite phrases that I use with all of my collaborating teams…Project Steering Teams…Analysis Teams…Design Teams…Development Teams…


And the next phrase that I use with them is USUALLY…

“I own the Process – AND – You own the Content.”

I’ve done this “lots” AND they have not. The ISD thing….

They know the job, not as an SME – but as Master Performers. They understand the difference. Many of my clients in the past have had named SMEs…who were not Master Performers.

And I don’t know the job. And rather than wait for me to obtain the wisdom needed to create performance-based T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management “instructional content” – our process employs the best performers to collaborate with the professional ISDers in an accelerated but thorough effort…

…at one of 3 levels of design…

  • CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design
  • MCD – Modular Curriculum Development/Acquisition
  • IAD – Instructional Activity Development/Acquisition

Our third level…IAD…is included although it is most often a subset of MCD, using a subset of the project tasks by skipping many…and using some of the MCD tools and templates…BUT ALWAYS THE PERFORMANCE MODEL and K/S MATRICES…and is most often used in Knowledge Management efforts where the goal is often to create content that is not typically thought of as Instructional.

But that’s not how I feel about it…

Because I believe that Best Practices are meant to be instructional.

Lessons Learned are meant to be instructional.

Job aids on paper or in electronic performance support systems are meant to be instructional.

Policies and Procedures are meant to be instructional.

Templates and completed examples for plans/reports/presentations are meant to be instructional.

My hope is for the Enterprise to get a handle on all of this content – that has a great downside potential for “overlaps and gaps” – of the critical content required for critical learners/Performers in critical Enterprise processes and operational areas.

And a downside potential for additional costs reducing the current ROI.

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