Sometimes Executives Don’t Have the Perspective

Selling a formal approach to T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management to many executives

…who don’t feel the pain or understand it’s source…

…is sometimes very difficult because of exactly who they are.

They are typically the Master-Master Performers.

They typically didn’t get much formal Training beyond their formal education…after that they learned it all on the job while doing the job. While performing they were learning. And they don’t really think about it.

I don’t think they are as much interested in Learning as they are in Performance Competence. And they just might be thinking about that!

And I don’t think they they always appreciate the plight of their typical individual contributors or for their subordinate managers.

They kind of expect everyone to buck up and get to it and master it.

Their personal mastery and assessment of what is and what could be isn’t creating enough creative tension for them to address the root causes for less-than-adequate performance in a systems manner, and examine all of the piece parts and investigate how they all interact.

They may need a little handholding for some eye opening.

Talk to them about Performance Competence first and Learning later.

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