Modular Curriculum Development – MCD – a PACT Process for performance-based ISD

What Is MCD – Modular Curriculum Development?
Modular Curriculum Development (MCD) is Guy W. Wallace/EPPIC’s lean-ISD methodology for the development of T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management “Instructional Products.”
The MCD process produces one or more T&D products per effort.
An MCD effort can stand alone or follow a Curriculum Architecture Design (CAD) effort.
MCD achieves an “object” oriented design and the development of those chunks of content.
I’ve been practicing this modular approach to instructional design since before the label changed from modular design to object design. Since 1982!
Why and When to Do an MCD Project?
T&D should be done for the sake of the business—for business process performance and for human performance within the business processes.
No one should do T&D for the sake of T&D alone. ROI and EVA® potential should drive these business and learning decisions.
MCD projects, like any business endeavors, should be scaled appropriately to ensure sufficient return on investment.
For more on MCD and the PACT Processes, go to:

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