It’s about Performance Competence at all levels and at all nodes for ROI

Your Enterprise processes may not be very clear today.

But your Processes may becoming CLEARER thanks to BPM – Business Process Management – within your Enterprise. As your IT group tries to use IT to enable the right processes, and/or track its activities and results.

But what about the Practices within those Processes?

Will they be getting clearer over time as well? You know- the way people will “situationally act, react and interact” within those better defined Processes. Better defined…except…where the human element is less predictable…as dictated by the process performance situation. Perhaps needfully so.

I.E.: “And here’s where the Fire Fighting Team will always enter from the left and move quickly to the right……………………..” isn’t going to be programmed into the BPM maps’ level of detail because they can’t Six Sigma movement “except in response to specifics.”

Can you imagine YOUR local Fire Department abandoning their “drill and practice of knowledge/skills in processes and practices” in favor of “Informal Learning” approaches?

At the National (or International/ Global) Fire Fighting Academy?

Yes. For sure. Their jobs are very important…and we may want to teach them “how to” learn…and interact…and search the Data-Glut or have “proxies” do so…because we can’t feasibly define their process forward.

We can’t define their Performance Competence well enough for VERY Formal Learning… even if we can specify their Outputs and their specific measures/metrics.

But where both ends and means can be clarified, we should look at each process performance situation and assess its ROI for the Stakeholders, based on their REQUIREMENTS and perhaps their desires. At least we should probably know and understand their desires. Even those we don’t intend to meet now or later…because things change.

What is the best approach given the extreme range of options in Learning/Training/ Knowledge Management?

How informal should you leave your approach to Performance Competence?

Well, what are the Risks and Rewards for having and/or not having assured Performance Competence?

Learning/ Knowledge Management/ Training/ Communications systems are needed to instill the current “awareness, knowledge, skills” necessary for Performance Competence…

for the targeted “learners/Performers

– who are capable of and motivated to “learn the job” because they have been both “recruited for” and “selected for” – regarding the other key human asset enablers…that are THE “incoming” knowledge, skill, physical attributes, psychological attributes, intellectual attributes and personal values/beliefs. What’s left, what isn’t “incoming” has to be dealt with.

It’s not about Learning. Except in rare cases. Where the learners/Performers are on the leading-bleeding edge of process or pure knowledge.

And if an owner or group of shareholders are paying for it…it’s still all about Performance Competence…at all levels and at all nodes. Within the Enterprise. And in the Networks and Value Streams of its Industries.

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