Organizing Your Enterprise Content Architecture for the Users

Enabling Content = data, information, instruction related to task performance leading to the production of outputs that meets, or not, stakeholder requirements.

Raw data.

Culled information with some “insight” related to its use.

Performance-based instruction including:

  • Best Practices
  • Lessons Learned
  • Templates and Examples for Plans, Reports/Documents, and Presentations
  • EPSS- Electronic Performance Support Systems content
  • Job Aids
  • Desk Procedures
  • Policy/Procedural Guides
  • Etc.

Aren’t all Knowledge Management type products really intended to “instruct” the learner/Performers?

Wasn’t all training intended to do that as well?

Training that isn’t/wasn’t “performance-based” – where the learning objectives driving the evaluation of success AND THEN the content – isn’t informed by real data…and not just made up at the front end of design – most likely leads to negative ROI.

Of course the right people, Master Performers, could articulate correct Instructional Objectives.

But would they be appropriate?

Could they inadvertently overlap with Instructional Objectives elsewhere that already drove the definition of content elsewhere?

Could this approach lead to redundancy in the content offerings? Leading to increased life cycle ownership costs?

Is your performance support content organization scheme user friendly? Does it include all information and instructions needed to support the workflow? Is it organized by the workflow? Is it organized to be robust to future changes?

Is it accessible for both the “PULL target audiences” AND the “PUSH target audiences” in-a-directed-or-not-Informal-Learning” mode? Can you “lock-out-tag-out” content for maintenance as Risks/Rewards dictate?

Does it facilitate reuse?

Does it have a place for “orientations” and “advanced organizers” and “enablers” and “how-to-do-it-in-our-process” type content? Does it reflect the Enterprise organization structure AND the process architecture?

Does it provide ready access for desktop users and mobile users?

Is it organized for easy assignment to the content developers – be they “ISDers” and/or “Master Performers” and/or “Everyone” for authoring and maintenance? To keep it evergreen?


Does it focus on supporting and enabling specific “Performance Competence” or general “Competencies” or some other “topics vs. task” orientation?

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