What "Informs/Drives" Your T&D-Learning-Knowledge Management-Performance Support Systems?

If you brought together the right group, and in the right circumstances “using distance-collaborative tools” – IF they already know each other and there is some level of trust established for their group task assignment – they can define Performance Competence and all of the enablers.

That leads to establishing “performance-based” Learning Objectives, and identifying other tools needed in the Performance tool shed. All “performance-based.”

Enablers including performance enabling “collaborative tools” that make business sense…to the Master Performers and other SMEs who would know where it makes sense and where it does not. They know where they can use tools when those tools are described.

There are some jobs/roles/tasks where it would make sense to start or expand the use of collaborative tools and other Performance Support Systems.

And other jobs/roles/tasks where it does not.

There are needs for collaborative tools and techniques beyond “directed-Informal Learning” and “Formal Learning.” Just so it’s there as a “communications-type” Performance Support tool. Not for Learning. But for Performing.

It’s not about Learning. It’s about Performance Competence.

Improvements to the Enterprise Systems that enable Performance Competence should be always be based on ROI and involve the Enterprise Leadership. Where the RETURNS come from Risks (avoided) and Rewards (achieved).

It’s all about Enterprise Process Performance Competence.

For more see my web site for resources: http://www.eppic.biz/

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