Human Asset Management Systems – That are Performance-based

Back in the early 1990s my business partners and I started writing about Human Asset Management Systems, also known as Human Capital Systems and later, now, Talent Management Systems.

Whatever the label the concept is the “care and feeding” of the employees for their benefit AND the benefit of the Enterprise. Cradle to grave so-to-speak. Because PEOPLE are one of the only real differentiators to the Enterprise.

Their competitors can buy everything in today’s marketplace that they have…except for the PEOPLE in the Enterprise.

How you approach this, with or without some of the new technology systems, is critical. Because anybody can buy those Talent Management Systems as well.

It’s what you put into those systems. The data. And it’s validity and utility.

And it then how you use that data. If you clearly understand the Enterprise Processes and Practices, you will see clearly where Formal Learning needs to be augmented by directed-Informal Learning. Via non-technology. Facilitated by technology. But more personal.

Such as in the Formal Use of Mentoring and/or Coaching deployment platforms for your T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management System. To augment online and traditional and EPSS deployment of “information and instruction” to support the WORKFLOW.


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