Your Enterprise Content Architecture of performance-based Information and Instruction

Have YOU asked “WHY 5 TIMES” regarding the statistic that “80% or more of how people learn their jobs was via Informal Learning” ???

Was it in some part due to the lack of Formal Learning provided by the Enterprise to cover EVERY TASK in the first place? Was that Formal Learning potential limited due to a lack of clarity regarding Process and Practice?

Is that REASON to give up on Formal Learning – or not take it as seriously? I don’t think so. And embrace more Informal Learning practices and enabling technologies? Or guided-Informal Learning practices and enabling technologies? Or more of an appropriate BLEND of it all?

There are jobs where clarity is achieved to as great an extent as possible…astronauts, control room operators, airline pilots, etc. Not always perfectly. But closer to Six Sigma. Due to the Risks and Rewards for their Performance Competence.

Have you thought about the coming clarity of enterprise processes from the BPM movement?


Workflow from a PROCESS standpoint will eventually be clear. Or clearer…depending on the nature of the process itself and the extent to which it is documented/proscribed. Some processes shouldn’t vary and don’t vary. Some shouldn’t and do. Some should and don’t. And everything else.

When the WOKFLOW becomes clearer, will your approach to the “organization of content” be robust to continuous change?

Will your Enterprise Content Architecture facilitate content development/acquisition AND minimize or eliminate content overlaps and gaps?

Or will policy instructional content overlap with procedural guidelines and other types of Instruction/Information?

Will it work as a “system of Information and Instruction?” Or as your own internal Data-Glut? With inadvertent, unnecessary costs lowering current potential ROI.

Build and acquire CONTENT for PUSH Target Audiences and share as appropriate with PULL Target Audiences. Not all needs are equal.

And then regarding this term: Blending. Overall…for an entire curriculum…BLEND.

For critical PERFORMANCE COMPETENCE……BLEND not only media/mode as well as target audiences…are the learner/performer’s management and/or peers involved? Should they be?

Couldn’t both mentoring and coaching methods be a means to both deploy knowledge and insights and strategies/tactics for approaching varied situations AND capture the content in templates by the learners/Performers?

There are more resources and references available at:


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