How Do You Define and Measure Performance? Just As Your Stakeholders Do?

Being process-centric in a functionally organized world isn’t difficult IF the others in the processes were similarly-centric. Aye. There’s the rub.

So if we can agree that there is more to “satisfaction” than just the customer requirements and perspective, that there are even stakeholders of a higher order, with more clout, greater consequences…

…then perhaps we can agree that Performance Competence is the ability to “perform tasks” to “produce outputs” to “stakeholder requirements” AND that those stakeholders and their requirements can be quite complex for some processes…and is not necessarily easy to figure out.

But whether it is the performance of an individual, a team, or of an entire organization…it’s all about Performance Competence.

The stakes? The Risks and Rewards?

  • Compliance
  • Profitability
  • Revenues
  • Costs
  • Satisfaction of any of the people at any level or chain in the value stream
  • And “the viewpoint and attitude of the entire world” in our flattened, global village…as to our Performance Competence as an Enterprise…be that enterprise from Government…Private sector…for profit…non-profit…religious…community….

There are both routine and non-routine processes to be performed by EVERY DEPARTMENT/FUNCTION within the Enterprise, in enough control to meet those stakeholder requirements. And they must be aligned, resourced, monitored and managed. Up and Down and Across the Enterprise.

Here is my model for analyzing the Performance Competence of Management alongside the context of “processes” composed of AoPs – Areas of Performance.”

Most Competencies are really enablers to other terminal, actual task performance objectives…directed at some performance competence ends…some goals that will be measured.

I think it very important to realign most Enterprise’s “Competency Models” to the Business Processes that they are supposed to be enabling.

I do it in every CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design project. They always get listed (in perhaps different wording…easily addressed later) in the Enabling Knowledge/Skills Matrices in the analysis efforts that are done AFTER generating the Performance Model.

We always start these efforts at the terminal objectives…at the Performance Competence of the real processes of our PUSH TARGET AUDIENCES…chosen by the stakeholders in a FORMAL PROCESS to align constrained resources with critical needs.
There will never be enough resources to do it all…or to keep it evergreen…unless done wisely.
With an eye to stakeholder requirements.
# # #

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