Mindframe – The Lesson Map of Instructional Activities

Ever since creating the Lesson Map – for an ADDIE-type ISD effort in 1991 – to develop a 2-4 day session: Labor Relations Training for New Supervisors – for Illinois Bell – I can’t help but use it, in my mind, whenever discussing any training project.

Here is an example Lesson Map.

I created the Lesson Map as one of several visual design devices for working with Design Teams and using the data we had created when they were the Analysis Team.

That analysis data included the Performance Model and the K/S Matrices. The client had told us there was no use in conducting Existing T&D Assessments (for reuse potential) and looking at the prior courses because they had always been the “reading the contract” type – and they definitely didn’t want that again.

The “amount” of data from the analysis varies depending on the scope of the performance we are focused on. In the example Event Map…there was a lot of Performance Competence being covered. Click on it to read the titles of the Lessons.

When discussing any new training project I “see” it minimally in one Lesson Map – or in a series of Lesson Maps. And my mind always goes to the bottom right hand corner…where I’d expect to see the final “Appo” Instructional Activity of the Lesson…and I would be imagining already about the nature of the Appo – Application.

Would it be “Real Work? Would it be an extended Simulation Exercise and Debriefing? A Case Study/Discussion? A knowledge test or a quiz?

The Lesson Map organizes Instructional Activities of three types operating at one of three levels.

  • Instructional Activities are either Information, or Demonstration, or Application
  • Instructional Activities are either intended to create Awareness, Knowledge or Skill

When we use this with the Design Team we look at the analysis data and start with the end in mind…the final Appo…Application. We start be talking about and then specifying/designing that.

Then we ask about the need/desirability of any Demos. And design/specify that. And then we discuss the Info…using the two sets of analysis data, three sets if we have Existing T&D Assessments data. We backward-chain the design.

Details for each Lesson’s Info-Demo-Appo objects are captured on Instructional Activity Specs (specifications).

For more about Lesson Maps and the PACT Process of MCD – Modular Curriculum Development/Acquisition, get my book


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