More Good Stuff – From Brenda Sugrue

From Will Thalheimer and his Blog: “Will At Work Learning”

From Will…

Bloom’s Taxonomy Problems
The Bloom is Off the Vine

I just came across this nifty little piece on Bloom’s Taxonomy, written by Brenda Sugrue for ISPI’s Performance Express.

It’s a nice critique on the validity and usefulness of Bloom’s Taxonomy for Instructional Design.

Read it here.

I tend to agree with Brenda’s Critique. For a long time I’ve been suspicious of Blooms.


Thanks Will!!! And Thanks Brenda!!!

Note: I was on the iSPI Board of Directors with Brenda in 2000-2001 – and heard her talking about this back in 2000 before she first presented on this at ISPI in 2002. Her view was consistent with what others had warned me about when I first joined the field in 1979.

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