The reality of e-learning – in 2000 – is very different from the hype.

Here is an interesting short article from the web site of HAS – Harold Stolovitch & Associates – from back in 2000. It still rings true today!

Note- I was on the ISPI Board of Directors with Brenda Sugrue during the year 2000. Another great contact made via ISPI!

Here is the link for this article:

E-Learning: A Reality Check
Brenda Sugrue, PhD
HSA Technology Partner

The e-learning marketeers would have us believe that e-learning is the fast, cheap and easy solution to all learning and performance needs. The current reality of e-learning is very different from the hype.

A benchmarking study of 11 best-practice companies (Hall and LeCavalier, 2000) concluded that an e-learning implementation is as difficult, if not as costly, as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation. Don Norman, President of UNext Learning Systems, said in an interview with Training magazine (September 2000) that he was surprised by how difficult and complex it was to develop online courses.

This article will help to dispel some common misconceptions about e-learning and identify trends that could bring us closer to the reality of the “killer application” predicted by John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems.

The short article continues with these topic headers:

  • E-Learning is not One Entity
  • E is not for Easy
  • E is not for ChEap (Custom development of content will never be cheap)
  • E is not for Everything
  • The Killer Application

See the full article at:

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