UPDATE: 12-Part ISPI PX Series

I am just a couple of days ahead of myself, but my schedule requires it to be so…or to be late…

UPDATE: 12-Part ISPI PX Series on “Project Proven Tools and Techniques for ISD” is now half-completed.

The June articles, one within the 750 word limit published in ISPI’s Performance Xpress e-zine…and a longer version published in the Instructional Systems ProComm discussion area’s document section, will be posted by the end of the week. More about where to get PDF copies later.

The series is covering the following 12 topics beginning with the January 2007 issue:

Already published…
1. The Gathering and Use of Target Audience Data
2. The Performance Model
3. The Enabling Knowledge/Skills
4. Existing T&D Assessments for Re-Use
5. Curriculum Architecture Modules, Events and Paths
6. ADDIE-level Events, Lessons and Instructional Activities

Yet to be published…
7. ISD Design of On-the-Job-Coaching and Qualification/Certification Events
8. Key ISD Roles
9. Teams for Curriculum Architecture ISD Efforts
10. Teams for ADDIE-level ISD Efforts
11. Pilot-Testing Guidelines and Tools for ISD
12. Tips for Recruiting and Working with a Powerful ISD Project Steering Team

My intent is to share what has worked for me during my 28+ years of experience
as both an internal and external ISD/HPT consultant – in over 250 projects with my clients – including 44 US Fortune 500 firms and a few firms in Europe and Canada!

AND—- I am also posting an expanded version of each article on the ISPI web site for the IS ProComm, to encourage and enable readers to engage: ask questions, make challenges and generally share their approaches of what has worked for them!

ISPI encourages anyone who would like to participate in the IS Professional Community to go to Discussion Groups, log in, click on My Subscriptions and add the Instructional Systems ProComm to your list of groups.

Then you’ll be able to acquire the expanded version of the article…or go the Resources area of my web site at: www.eppic.biz as I have them there too.

And…consider getting involved in any or all of the other 6 ProComms as well, or any of the other Discussion Groups!

For Discussion Group Help (a “primer”): See Help on the Discussion Group Home Page:

For a copy of PX go to the Publications tab from the home page of: ISPI – the International Society for Performance Improvement – at: http://www.ispi.org/

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