Object Design in the PACT Processes

Regarding an article in my current, quarterly newsletter: Pursuing Performance – Spring 2007. Available at www.eppic.biz

For Your PACT Models/Methods/Tools/Techniques Kit
Object Design in the PACT Processes
By Guy W. Wallace, CPT, Author of the PACT Processes

Object Design by Design
In the PACTLogic, the data-logic of the PACT Processes, the content design’s
hierarchy of content is organized, from: that set of design rules for use of font styles and
sizes, the preferred photo of the CEO when a casual look is desired, or that
marketing text that describes the features, benefits and advantages of the new
hot offering, and many other types of content, and has the following levels:

The Enterprise Content Architecture
► T&D Paths
► T&D Events
► T&D Modules
► T&D Lessons
► T&D Instructional Activities
► A Content Elements WELL of
– Enterprise BU/Divisions, Functional, Department Names
– Enterprise Language, Definitions and Descriptions
– Enterprise Logos and use restrictions
– Graphics
– Photos
– Pictures

And by “WELL” I mean a well-organized, well-resourced, SOURCE for content
element collections for purposes of enabling re-use.

See the full article and additional content regarding performance-based ISD and Human Performance Technology in Pursuing Performance – Spring 2007.


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