The T&D Path…a Learning Continuum Visual

The T&D Path or Learning Path…is intended to lay out, visually, a learning continuum for a target audience or a set of target audiences.

It is or should be “as rigorous as required and as flexible as feasible” in terms of the suggestive sequencing that suggests or facilitates the planning processes for the learners “participation in” or “testing out of” each of the modular T&D Events on the path.

If you are into building a “learning sandbox” for your Target Audiences, then the
structure of the Path may structure (rigidly or flexibly) the links to e-content and/or
links to the appropriate registration/ordering systems for other types of
“learning/training/education/information/tools and templates.”

For more on this type of thinking about performance-based ISD, see the Resources Tab at

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