Stepping Quickly Through the PACT Processes – 3 levels of Predictable ISD

The PACT acronym spells it out…

PACT is predictable! Costs are predictable! Schedules and burdens on specific individuals is predictable! Value returned for the invest is predictable!

PACT is collaborative…

PACT provides 3 “common processes” and 2 common methodology-sets…

PACT uses flexible, gated processes involving the customer’s handpicked representatives to ensure performance impact.

The 4 Phases of the CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design methodologies merely guide the teams in quickly producing quality outputs that are worthy inputs downstream…in an accelerated, linear manner! PACT is not iterative.

One key CAD output is the T&D Path…which is “as rigorous as required and as flexible as feasible” and is built using the analysis data and a quick systematic process that brings the wisdom and logic of the Master Performers and PACT’s ISD – Instructional Systems Design methods together to accelerate and collaborate.

The 4 Phases of CAD…

And…one CAD effort leads typically to many MCD and/or IAD efforts…

MCD and IAD use a modified “ADDIE” process that I codified in the late 1980s to go with the codified CAD methods.

The success of the processes of PACT lies in the human element…

The benefits of PACT are unique to each enterprise…

PACT’s analysis methods have never been characterised as “analysis paralysis” – and always enables a performance, process, workflow orientation…

PACT’s logic is complex, but understandable…

My experience includes over 50 ADDIE-type ISD projects and 74 Curriculum Architecture Design projects done as an external consultant (1982-2004).

These methods are based on things I learned from Geary Rummler among others…but mostly Geary. I asked him to review the book’s draft and we spent a couple of days together. He then took some time and wrote me his review (1999)…

Miki Lane also wrote his review in 1999.

Guy W Wallace
Certified Performance Technologist
President, EPPIC Inc.

Get a free PDF copy of my 404-page book: lean-ISD – at:

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