The Beginning-Middle-End of the Beginning of the T&D Path

Wrapping up the T&D Path’s BEGINNING is often, not always, Survival Skills. If not that – it is then most often the foundational skills – a start to the learning continuum…perhaps a steep learning curve to climb.

The example T&D Path begins with orientations to the company, the function, the department AND just as many other T&D Paths have…with Immediate Survival Skills.


Who says so? The designated Master Performers and Subject Matter Experts on the CAD Design Team. They were also on the Analysis Team effort that generated the data that was used in the CAD design process after a formal, but quick Gate Review Meeting to ensure that the data was complete, accurate and appropriate in terms of how it would be used in the design process.

That GRM is also were I explain what I think I will do as the designer with my Design Team – so that that Project Steering Team can “redirect me” to what they want if they get a hint of variance. Which is what I am going for here. Redirections.

Or my suggestions as to what I am going to do generate conversation and decisions that are helpful as inputs as I prepare for the Design Phase of CAD with the Design Team.

In the Design Team meeting we process the analysis data.

All to produce a T&D Path or two. Or seven. Or more….

When processing the data it’s important to have done the first step of the 7 step CAD design process very WELL. And that is to have “Established the Path” – which is get everyone on the same page as to what we mean by the T&D Path and what goes on it, and what we are trying to do when we establish the Path’s…Beginning…Middle…and…End.

And for almost every one of the 74 CAD projects I have done, almost all T&D Paths produced had a very important aspect…the importance of the BEGINNING of the Path.

What ONBOARDING concerns itself with in the new Talent Management world/space…all the orientations, alignments, planning, HR paperwork, etc. Plus.

Plus what? Plus often – advanced organizers to all aspects of my job as an individual contributor and/or as a team member in defined processes…all covered for me in groupings of Areas of Performance.


After those are placed it is easier to “time frame” the Path’s overall BEGINNING Phase. By having done so first with the individual sub-phases of the Beginning:

Beginning of the Beginning, the Middle of the Beginning, and the End of the Beginning.

As is…when will or should the BB be done? The BM? And then the BE?

Then it’s off to defining the Middle of the Path. Whose own sub-phases may take on different lables – that might reflect the prevailing process or processes of this target audience. The MB…MM…ME. And then the same is done for the End of the Path.

The T&D Paths use the “B-M-E concept” to force a sorting of what is to be learned when…and/or how to organize it for the user community…the learners/Performers and their management.

For more information about T&D Paths and CAD and the PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management contact:

Guy W Wallace

mobile: 704- 746- 5126

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