Systematically Deriving the Enabling Knowledge/Skill Items in the PACT Processes

PACT K/S Analysis
The goal of knowledge/skill analysis is to derive systematically the enabling knowledge/skill items and document them on the Knowledge/Skill Matrices. KSMs.

The K/S items documented are the enablers that lead to the ideal, high-performance state. These are knowledge/skill items that are not just thought to be needed, but known to be needed.

The Knowledge/Skill Matrices link each knowledge/skill item to the performance that it enables (as described in the Performance Model). Thus, the Performance Model ensures that the discrete knowledge/skill enablers in the Knowledge/Skill Matrices are performance relevant.

And, in turn, the performance orientation is passed on to the design work products for which the Knowledge/Skill Matrix is an input.At least it is in the PACT Processes.

To develop a Knowledge/Skill Matrix, knowledge/skill items are identified and listed on a matrix chart. The process uses a list of predefined knowledge/skill categories.

Additional data points are gathered for each knowledge/skill item on the matrix; these are captured in the columns on the right-hand side of the matrix.

The data in the columns of the Knowledge/Skill Matrix is captured live by the facilitator during the same two- or three-day meeting in which the Performance Model is built. The Knowledge/ Skill Matrix in the Figure below provides you with the data columns.

Up for an Acid Test?
For those in the ISD profession…use the ADDIE model right now as your Performance Model. Take the first category and fill in a copy of the KSM above (click on it and save it and print it out or mash it up with something to fill ‘er in.) You’ll only use the link columns for 5 AoPs…columns A-B-C-D-E. One for each of the 5 blocks of the ADDIE framework.

Print or mash as many pages as needed for your acid test. You might do a “full destructive test” and do a page for at least each “appropriate” K/S Category; not all categories are appropriate for every ISD effort.

If you don’t know ADDIE, pick any business oriented framework where you work…your New Product Development Process…or a familiar process from your work or personal lives. Apply it to a Baby Sitting Performance Model set of AoPs.

For more information about the PACT Processes, Performance Modeling and K/S Analysis, or the workshops and coaching sessions I offer, please contact me:

Guy W Wallace
Certified Performance Technologist
President, EPPIC Inc.
mobile: 704- 746- 5126

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