Understanding COMPETENCIES and their process workflow performance "context"

The PACT Processes are 3 levels of ISD – Instructional Systems Design and a common set of philosophies, models, methods, tools and techniques for both Analysis and Project Planning & Management for a process-centric approach to performance-based ISD.

PACT is a data-oriented approach to INSTRUCTIONAL and INFORMATIONAL content “management” with all of the parallels of tasks, new product development and operations “performance cycles” and all of the issues typical of the product management or program management of any complex system.

It is also customer/stakeholder DRIVEN approach to SAT – Structured Approach to Training.

Covered in my book: lean-ISD, this Blog and the EPPIC web site.

Adapt what you can not or should not adopt!!!

And the same data that PACT captures and processes in its design and develop methods can be important inputs to other Human Asset Management systems…aka: “Human Capital Systems” or “Talent Management Systems”…based on ERP – Enterprise Resource Systems.

On the way you can first determine the critical “performance competence” requirements and then derive the enabling COMPETENCIES and have both…

…the COMPETENCIES and their process workflow performancecontext” which is necessary for developing learning objectives and instructional strategies IF THE GOAL IS “to positively impact performance competence” – the ability to perform tasks to produce outputs to meet stakeholder requirements.

For ROI and the sake of the Enterprise.

Not for the sake of learning for learning’s sake alone.

Not with the shareholder’s equity.

For the sake of the Enterprise and its STAKEHOLDERS and their requirements.

At least that was my intent for PACT.

# # #


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