How I Easily Check On My Favorite Blogs Daily

I use Bloglines to track my favorite Blogs on an almost daily basis when in the office or on-the-road. I simply go to “My Page” on Bloglines from My Favorites list on my browser. That brings up a page listing all of Blogs that I wish to track and highlights those with new Postings.

You can “Follow your favorites” in

  • Online news
  • Blogs
  • Comics
  • Newsgroups
  • Email newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Weather forecasts

In thinking about my favorite Blog sites* – the first 3 places I seem to almost always go when checking in – “if” there is anything new – and that Bloglines indicates visually as I click onto my page – and there is almost always something new and of value (to me) – seem to be in this order:

  1. Big Dog, Little Dog
  2. Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day
  3. Internet Time Blog

Big Dog, Little Dog is updated about weekly. Jane’s is updated daily as the title suggests and the Internet Time Blog seems to be updated almost daily and some days see multiple postings.

Big Dog, Little Dog – provides me with about 4-5 links to interesting Postings and articles from his list of favorite Blogs that he summarizes as sort of a weekly “best of” although it has been updated more than once a week on a few occasions in the past several months. From Don Clark.

Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day – provides me with a daily introduction to many new Web 2.0 tools available for free and for a fee. She provides organized lists of them. And she’s recently posting the Top 10 Tool list of many in the E- Learning space. Currently Bloglines is just in the top 10 list – which will undoubtedly change over time. From Jane Knight.

*Jane’s ongoing Top 10 list was my “oblique inspiration” for my favorite Blog sites.

Internet Time – provides me with challenging thoughts regarding formal versus informal learning, and introductions to many cool Web 2.0 tools. From Jay Cross.

Check these out!

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