Book Overview: lean-ISD

1999 lean-ISD Book Cover

My ISD methodology – the PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management – is covered in lean-ISD – at both the “awareness level” and the “knowledge level” and as the methods are highly team-based, facilitator-oriented, addressing skills cannot be done easily via a book. Thus the PACT workshops and coaching sessions, etc.

The books starts off with a series of “awareness-level” building overview chapters of the 3-levels of ISD and the common Analysis and Project Management methodologies that the three share of the PACT Processes” –

1. T&D, lean-ISD, and the PACT Processes
2. Overview of the PACT Process for Analysis
3. Overview of the PACT Process for Curriculum Architecture Design
4. Overview of the PACT Process for Modular Curriculum Development
5. Overview of the PACT Process for Instructional Activity Development
6. Overview of the PACT Process for Project Planning and Management
7. Review of the PACT Processes

Those are followed by two short stories intended to present the methodologies from both an ISD Practitioners viewpoint AND the Executives viewpoint of how the methodologies work to meet the needs of both the users and stakeholders of these methods –

The PACT Short Stories
• Practitioner’s Version
• The Executive View

Then comes content on CAD…which is not ADDIE…level 1 of 3 in PACT…

8. Overview of Curriculum Architecture Design

9. Curriculum Architecture Design Outputs

10. Teams in Curriculum Architecture Design

11. Curriculum Architecture Design Phases and Activities

12. The CAD Design Team Meeting

13. Curriculum Architecture Design Project Management Considerations

Then the book delves into MCD…the ADDIE-level of ISD…level 2 of 3…

14. Overview of Modular Curriculum Development
15. Modular Curriculum Development Outputs
16. Teams in Modular Curriculum Development
17. Modular Curriculum Development Phases and Activities
18. The Modular Curriculum Development Design Team Meeting
19. Modular Curriculum Development Project Management Considerations

Then content on IAD…for non-traditional types of “informational/instructional” content…

20. The Instructional Activity Development Process

IAD is typically a modified MCD effort, although it could also be a “combined CAD front-end with a narrow set of content being built in the MCD-like half” of a complicated ISD effort…to build, say: Performance Tests for a Qualification/Certification System.

The book wraps up with a thorough review of the analysis and project management methods…and outlines an approach for implementing (and adopting/adapting) the PACT Processes in a 5-stage implementation effort.

20. About the Four Key PACT Analytic Methods
21. Analyzing Target Audience Data
22. Performance Modeling
23. Knowledge/Skill Analysis
24. Conducting the Analysis Team Meeting
25. Assessing Existing T&D
26. Wrapping up the Analysis Effort
27. PACT Project Management
28. Using PACT Teams
29. Implementing the PACT Processes

In the Appendix there are detailed Project Planning Tasks for each of the 4-phases of CAD and the 6-phases of MCD/IAD.

Plus content on “facilitation of the processes” and an “overview of the T&D Systems View model” before that model was updated and used in my next book: T&D Systems View…

…because a T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management function is about more than just ISD methods!

Appendix A: Curriculum Architecture Design Phases and Tasks
Appendix B: Modular Curriculum Development Phases and Tasks
Appendix C: Facilitating the PACT Processes
Appendix D: T&D Systems

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