Project Proven ISD Tools and Techniques – Compilation PDF Available

I’ve just finished posting my 12th Xpanded article in the ISPI Instructional Systems Professional Community web space – paralleling the 12 part series of articles in ISPI’s PX – Performance Xpress monthly e-newsletter.

The series was titled: Project Proven ISD Tools and Techniques.

And I’ve made available a PDF compilation of all 12 Xpanded PX articles on the PACT Wiki here.

The 12 articles are:

1. The Gathering and Use of Target Audience Data
2. The Performance Model
3. The Enabling Knowledge/Skills
4. Existing T&D Assessments for Re-Use
5. Curriculum Architecture Modules, Events and Paths
6. ADDIE-level Events, Lessons and Instructional
7. ISD Design of On-the-Job-Coaching and
Qualification/Certification Events
8. Key ISD Roles
9. Teams for Curriculum Architecture ISD Efforts
10.Teams for ADDIE-level ISD Efforts
11.Pilot-Testing Guidelines and Tools for ISD
12.Tips for Recruiting and Working with a Powerful ISD

These are all sourced from lean-ISD and have been updated – after all lean-ISD was published in 1999 after having been written in 1998.

ISPI’s web site:

The PACT Wiki may be accessed here.


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