Coach and Learner/Performer Guides for Structured OJT

The Structured On-the-Job-Training Guides for the Coach/Mentor and for the Learner/Performer above suggest that the latter is a component of the former. True.

And the content of 4.C. – where do they come from – how are they derived – for Rapid or just Accelerated ISD methodologies?

From the PACT Performance Model and the Enabling K/S Matrices

…using the same PACT Design tools/templates

…with content from the Master Inventory – the Enterprise Content Architecture

..that could frame the performance-orientation of your entire HR suite of systems, processes, tools and techniques…to improve Enterprise Process Performance…for ROI…and meeting the requirements of the Enterprise Stakeholders…

Putting a Structured OJT system in the first place requires the architecture of the business systems and processes of the infrastructure requirements. Then second populating it with the right people. Then third acquiring the right, valid content.

All are required. None is easy. That’s why focusing on the critical few over the important many is the only way to go when investing the equity of the owners of your Enterprise.

If it was YOUR MONEY where would you want it invested?

And would you expect an adequate Return?

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