Performance Technology Produces Results – Video

Here is a 15:18 video produced and directed for ISPI some years ago, on “Performance Technology Produces Results”, which has recently been unearthed and edited by Margo Murray, and posted online by me.

The message is still relevant.

“Performance Technology Produces Results” – Four powerful illustrations of RSVP: Focus on Results – System Thinking – Add Value – Work with Partners

In this video from years ago – Results are achieved in four different environments – financial, electric power, aviation, and health care – and affirm the power of applied human performance technology.

The video was conceived and created by Margo Murray, who managed the production, from scriptwriting, recruiting participant organizations, directing the filming, to supervising final edits.

Rob Foshay committed Applied Learning International, a division of The National Education Corporation, to fund the production.

This video is now available here – where you can watch it and/or download a copy to your desktop and/or iPod.

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