Neil Rackham at MTEC on "Training Design Criteria" in 1981

Here is a link to a Video of Neil Rackham in 1981 presenting on Training Design Criteria.

I’ve been emailing Neil at several email addresses about my posting this video – but I have not heard back from him – but as he has always been generous in sharing – I thought I’d risk his wrath and post it for all. Neil – let me know one way or another. But I really do trust your permission!

Neil Rackham of S.P.I.N. Sales fame – whom I first met at Motorola’s Training & Education Center in 1981 – when this video was shot. I was later involved in his organization’s (Huthwaite) approach to “Win-Win Negotiations” in what Motorola did with it for Sales staff, Purchasing staff, and government contract negotiators.

When I as president of ISPI got to select the keynote speakers (2) for the conference in Tampa in 2004, Neil immediately offered to do it – and offered to do it for free (a $20,000 savings DYK).

This video’s content – of Neil Rackham and his “Training Design Criteria” is still as valid today as it was then. It is that important that I share it with you!!!

In fact – this video’s content is visionary. If I didn’t share it with you I would be guilty of not sharing the foundations of best practices in Instructional Design (ID) – or Instructional Design Systems (ISD).

Enough said.

The video is 46:50 and available for download to your computer and iPod/Zune, etc.

Enjoy!!! I am very sure that Neil will approve!

Neil – the very best of happiness, health and prosperity to you and yours!!!

# # #

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