ISPI Lifetime Membership Celebrates 101 Members

As I was the first – according to former director Rick Battaglia when I responded to the first invitation – it is very nice and encouraging to see 100 join with me!!!

I am hoping for more! At least 100 more! Please consider…

…from ISPI…PX…

ISPI Lifetime Membership Celebrates 101 Members

Since its inception in 2006, ISPI Lifetime Membership has steadily grown, and we would like to take a moment to acknowledge 101 members who have signed up and made a lifelong commitment to the Society. Lifetime Membership was created to strengthen the partnership between ISPI and its members, both old and new. By being a partner, you belong to a Society focused on results and dedicated to helping your business grow by promoting the interests of the performance improvement industry.

Lifetime member Ryan Watkins said, “I joined ISPI because of the values of performance over performing, results over actions, and ends over means. ISPI isn’t a professional society of any single solution, product, or set of goods; ISPI values all activities that can lead to improved performance. Its primary focus on performance and results allows it to reach across the borders of countries, organizations, disciplines, and theories.”

Add your name to this list, and show your commitment to performance improvement! Sign up today!

Peter Adeyeri
Chong Aik
Scott Anderson, CPT
Brian Asselstine
Thomas Bartscher
Bruce Becker
Thomas Berstene
Robert Bodine, CPT, PhD
James Bunsa
Sabar Cahyono
Judith Cardenas
Clare Carey, CPT, EdD
Charles Chesney
John Choma, CPT
Maurice Coleman, CPT, PhD
Catherine Daly
Peter Dams
Dwight Davis, CPT
Matthew Davis
Eileen Dello-Martin
Joan Dessinger, CPT, EdD
Lou Ann Dietz
Matthew Donovan
Grace Duff
James Ellsworth, CPT, PhD
Timm Esque, CPT
Jeanne Farrington, CPT, EdD
Douglas Farrow
Paul Ferguson
Paul Fisher, CPT
Lou Fuchs
Stephanie Fuentes
James Fuller, CPT
De Yonna Garcia
Thomas Gast
Chuck Georgo, CPT
F. Michael Gidlewski
Lori Gillespie
Carol Haig, CPT
Heather Hanson
Bonnie Hirdes
Julie Hughes
Peter Hybert, CPT
Mark Isabella, CPT
Victoria Jarosz, CPT
James Johnson
Carol Lynn Judge, CPT
Rodrigo Jurado, Jr., CPT
Karl Kapp
Jessica Keiser
Gina Ketcherside, CPT
Jack Kules
John Kunzo, CPT
Dean Larson, CPT, PhD
Mark Laurin
Doug Leigh, PhD
Suzanne Long
Geri Lopker, CPT
Duane McDaniel
Weston McMillan, CPT
Karen Medsker, PhD
Becky Miles
Julie Miller, CPT
James Moseley, CPT, EdD
Kevin Munson
Terry Netto
Debra Newton
Frank Nguyen

Artur Nunes, CPT
Timothy O’Brien
Lewis Parks, CPT
Michael Peterson, CPT
Lynn Piwonski
Carol Porter
Anne Power
Elaine Rand
Robin Rokisky
Marian Roldan, SPHR, CCP
Sharon Rudy
Kevin Ryan
James Schultz, CPT
Timothy Scudder
Chuck Seilnacht
Paul Selden, CPT
Kenneth Silber, CPT, PhD
Isabella Smejda
Jeanne Strayer, CPT
Bryan Tan
Mary Thomas, CPT, PhD
Beverly Thompson
Juan Ventosa, CPT
Susan Wade
Guy Wallace, CPT
Mary Wankel, PhD
Ryan Watkins, PhD
Angela (Palchesko) Wells
Lauren Wertheim
Michael Wetzel, CPT
Gregory Williams
Kevin Wilson, CPT
Diana Wright

Become a Lifetime member and NEVER PAY DUES AGAIN; plus, retain all member benefits and lock in your membership dues at today’s rate; avoid future dues increases; receive guaranteed lifetime discounts on ISPI products and services; never miss a member benefit because of a lapse in payment; and contribute to building your performance improvement community of the future. Click here for complete details.

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