Gopher More on The PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management – on free Audio Podcasts

I have a 12-Pack for you – of Audio Podcasts that is – that I developed in 2007 – on topics related to The PACT Processes – which is covered in my book: lean-ISD.

Here is a quote about the PACT Processes as presented in my book lean-ISD from 1999 by Geary A. Rummler:

Here is a 1999 quote by Miki Lane:

Here are 2 1999 quotes by Jim Russell and by John Swinney:

A 1999 quote from Randy Kohout:

Take any of the 12 Podcasts for a test listen – at: – which takes you to the Resources & References page at EPPIC – then click on the Podcast button in the left column of that page to get to the links to the 12 Audio Podcasts.

You can download to your computer/Podcast/Zune as you are individually capable of doing – both technology/equipment-wise and skill-wise.

You’ll also notice that there are Audio Podcast series for two of my other books as well.

All free.

All intended as “overviews/ advanced organizers” for potential readers of the 3 books.


And if you would like to submit quotes to me about your experiences with PACT – – the processes and/or the book: lean-ISD – please send them to me!

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