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You may have already seen the 1st Blog Post and Video Podcast of the School of PACT series – 13 planned – and with many, many additional relevant topics/tasks for me to tackle regarding the PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management.

I will put out a new one every 2-4 weeks- or more. I am also intending on posting them on Google Video as I Blog about them – the Blog Postings intended to both present the Video Podcast – and to frame a “Learning Process/Progression/Path” – both adopt-able and adapt-able – as needed of course – for you – the reader/learner/potential Performer.

I use Google so that everyone that wants one can have a personal copy. I treasure my copies of old videos (Rummler, Rackham, etc.) and audios – I have Rackham speaking on SPIN from 1981 somewhere. They and others always freely shared. So shall I.

The list below will be constantly updated – as this post will be used as “link transition points” to both those Google Videos and the Pursuing Performance Blog (PP Blog) Postings – from a link on the Blog’s static but active portion of the layout template.

Note that there will be “other video links” here on topics related to performance-based Instructional Design, Instructional Systems Design, Systematic Approach to Training, ID, ISD, SAT, etc. from myself and from others.

In most-recent-first order:
Videos from Guy W. Wallace…

School of PACT 02b – 7 CAD Design Steps – at Google Video – on the PP Blog – next released Video Podcast in the School of PACT series – focused on the the detailed “7 Design Steps” used to “process the PACT analysis data” in the Design Team Meeting in Phase 3 of CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design – of the PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Mangement. This particular Video Podcast augments Video Podcast #2 – CAD.

School of PACT 02 – CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design – at Google Video – on the PP Blog – 2nd in the series of at least 13 Video Podcasts planned. CAD is the macro-design level of PACT’s 3 levels of ISD design. CAD is the systems engineering/architectural set of ISD/ID methods for developing a T&D Path/ Learning Continuum for one or more Target Audiences. CADs lead to MCD efforts (the ADDIE-level of PACT). This Podcast on CAD will be augmented by several other Podcasts with topics closely related/intertwined with the CAD level of PACT, to provide more details.

Changing Tires on a Moving Truck – at Google Video – on PP Blog Post – please indulge my silliness with this 1:42 (m:s) Video that plays out some thought given to “parallel processing” for some types of change. Where you cannot stop, change, and then restart. As clients stated their challenge to be akin to “changing the tires on a moving truck.” Probably a total waste of your time for most of you – unless you plan/manage multiple workstreams of systems in transition and change. It’s how I might represent a divide-and-conquor approach to complex change.

Enterprise Wiki Architecture – at Google Videoon PP Blog Post – thoughts about how I’d architect the structure of wikis for every process, for every performer’s use. 7:42 (m:s).

School of PACT 01 – PACT Introat Google Video on PP Blog Post – The first in the series. 10:00 (m:s). Overview of the 5 methodology-sets of PACT, the customer-teams and ISD-roles, and the resources available.

Videos from others/of others – that are my personal favorites – and that I’d like to share with others interested in PACT…

Dr. Richard E. Clark and Allen Munro – Learning Research at the Center for Cognitive Technologiesweb link – Part of the Rossier School of Education Brown Bag Series, Richard Clark and Allen Munro discuss topics such as: cognitive load theory, instructional design, direct instruction, cognitive task analysis, creative technology, see one, do one, teach one, mental simulation, tactical planning/instructional/assessment tools. 1 hour and 2 minutes. Excellent! From May 2008.

Dr. Ruth Clark – Leveraging the Virtual Classroom for Effective Learningweb link – 1 hour 18 minutes from Dr. Clark – part of the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus (UMBC) series of ISD- November 2008. Excellent!

Clive Shepherd – Welcome to the Virtual Classroomweb link – An excellent 9+minute introduction to the basics of Virtual Classrooms – November 2007. Excellent!

Thiagi- Rapid Instructional Design – web link PP Blog Post on this Video Resource – from 2008 from UMBC University of Maryland Baltimore Campus. 1:47 (hour:minutes). Excellent!

Neil Rackham – Instructional Design Criteria web link – PP Blog Post on this Video Resource – from 1981. 10 design criteria are talked through by Neil for MTEC. Excellent!

Geary Rummler – Performance-Based Training web link – PP Blog Post on this Video Resource – from 1981. Another MTEC video. Excellent!

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Audio Podcasts from Guy W. Wallace…

1 – Intro to PACT

2 – The CAD Process

3 – The MCD Process

4 – The IAD Process

5 – Building PACT Capability & Capacity

6 – Practitioner Qualification Certification

7 – PACT Flexibility – 6 Case Studies

8 – From ISD to HPT with PACT and EPPI

9 – PACT and the ECA and the WELL

10 – PACT and Customer Collaboration

11 – PACT Project Acceleration Strategies for Rapid ISD

12 – PACT Project Predictability

To be completed later…

Audio Podcasts from others…

My lean-ISD book as a free 404-page PDF.

I hope that you find these of value for your “distance learning” on Instructional Design/Instructional Systems Design – and the PACT Processes.

Additional free PACT resources from Guy W. Wallace and EPPIC Inc. are available at

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