School of PACT 02- Lesson & Video Podcast – CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design

The Video Podcast below is merely a component to a blended approach to mastering PACT.

There are 6 steps if you will…but do it any way you choose…

1- Pre-Video Reading Assignments
2- Video Podcast Review
3- Post-Video Readings Assignments
4- Post-Video Application Assignments
5- Review Free Resources Available
6- Lesson Self-Debriefing

You’ll need the book lean-ISD – which is available at as a hardbound and/or as a Kindle book – and/or free as a 404 page PDF here. There are also many PACT resources at the EPPIC Web site and at the PACT Wiki.

I’ve been writing/publishing since 1984 on CAD and presenting since 1983 (Chicago NSPI) on these CAD methods and the other two methodology-sets of MCD and IAD – and the use of a group process to develop Performance Models and K/S Matrices for Curriculum Architecture Design.

The Target Audience Data, the Performance Model and the K/S Matricies and the ETA: Existing T&D Assessment elements are my contributions to the analysis portion of PACT.

The CAD-MCD-IAD Design models, methods, templates/tools are also mine as well.

I cleared all of that with the late Geary Rummler in 1999 when we met for two days to review the book and the methodology – for his approval/sanctioning.

The first Video Podcast in this series includes his review of both.

School of PACT # 02 – CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design

Lesson 02- Objectives-
You should begin to “get/see” the CAD level of ISD in PACT – and can explain its purposes and its 4 Phases. You should begin to see how the approach to processes the analysis data in this one level of ISD in PACT’s 3 levels of ISD. The systems engineering/architectural level of ISD in PACT.

1- Pre-Video Reading Assignments
I’d suggest re-reading chapter 3 of lean-ISD – and then watch this Video Podcast.

You could re-reads 1-7 or just chapter 3 – and then read chapters 8-13, and then watch the V-Podcast. But perhaps it would be better to read chapters 8-13 after the Video for you. Or do both!

The reading and /or the Video may help you mentally frame the CAD level of ISD in PACT and the common Analysis and Project Planning & Management aspects of the systems engineering/architectural level of ISD methodology in PACT.

2- Video Podcast Review
Here is the Video Podcast – 15:54 – minutes:seconds…

3- Post-Video Readings Assignments
If you did not do this already Step 1 – read chapters 8-13 of lean-ISD.
This is somewhat of an advanced organizer for CAD – the highest level of overview.

4- Post-Video Application Assignments
Start listing and organizing your questions. Build a table that captures your own questions, the answers and the sources for the answers that you found.

Start a personal Learning Log (or Blog).

Network with others. Start a club/social network – and/or join The PACT Practitioners Guild (a SN).

Find a buddy at work – or at a local professional society chapter!

5- Review Free Resources Available
At there is a related PACT Audio Podcast available. Also – there are articles and presentations in the Resource tab at that same site.

And check out that PACT Wiki for additional free resources/references, tools and templates.

Please maintain my copyright markings. You’d do so for Bob Mager or Joe Harless – wouldn’t you?

6- Lesson Self-Debriefing
You should begin to “get/see” the CAD level of ISD in PACT – and can explain its purposes and its 4 Phases. You should begin to see how the approach to processes the analysis data in this one level of ISD in PACT’s 3 levels of ISD. The systems engineering/architectural level of ISD in PACT.

If so – you are ready for the next Lesson and Video Podcast – coming soon!

And don’t forget to get your free PDF copy the book: lean-ISD…available at

Adopt what you can – and adapt the rest.Adjust as needed for each effort/application. Always.Be as rigorous as required – and as flexible as feasible!

Always do the smart thing given your goals, resources and constraints.

Future Additions to this Post and Others in the Series
Note: I will add addition Videos to each post in this School of PACT series over time. These will tend to add additional details – or dig deeper into the details of the PACT methods.

I will put them here – at the end of every SoP Blog Posting.

Final Note: The SoP – School of PACT Series will cover…

1- Intro to PACT – 3 levels of ISD and common Analysis and common Project Planning & Management concepts, models, methods, tools, templates and techniques

2- CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design – to design the performance-based learning continuum for a targeted job/process

3- MCD – Modular Curriculum Development/Acquisition – the ADDIE level of PACT

4- IAD – Instructional Activity Development/Acquisition -the Knowledge Management level of PACT

5- PACT Analysis -the 4 types of analysis required in PACT’s CAD – MCD – IAD “design” methods

6- PACT Project Planning & Management – common project planning and management concepts, models, methods, tools, templates and techniques

7- 5 PACT Roles and 5 Client Teams -defining the roles and responsibilities of the 5 Client teams and the 5 PACT Practitioner roles

8- PACT Process Technology Transfer -how to logically transfer/intake the PACT Processes

9- PACT is a Sub-set of EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement – a look at PACT as a sub-set of a broader improvement methodology – beyond instruction

10- Segue from Training to Performance via PACT and EPPI – how to move from performance-based Training/Instruction/Learning/Knowledge Management to Performanc eSupport and Improvement

11- T&D Systems View of the Processes of ISD/PI Functional Organizations – The EPPI organizational concepts – of the LCS Model of AoPs/Processes – applied to a T&D function/department.

12- Management Areas of Performance – A Framework for Analysis of Performance Competence Requirements From the Department Rolled Up to the Enterprise

13- Performance-based Employee Qualification/Certification Systems – Develop the System and Processes to implement and operate a function to qualify/certify targeted jobs/tasks for Risk/Reward reasons.

Plus others in the School of PACT series – beyond these first 13 – all TBD!

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