Shrinking My World – My Network World – My Net World

The Global Village Shrinks … at least for me … and I deliberately did it to myself…

I remember when networking was meeting up at an annual conference with people you had met there years earlier, making phone calls a couple of times of year – with no particular purpose other than to just “check in.” That was how it was done.

You collected business cards, and even wrote letters initially and sent them via snail mail to remind the other party of your meeting. Of course, I started in business after college in 1979. This is how it was done. You found time and ways to keep connected.

The words and promises from those Management Information Systems (MIS) people back then, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, that computers would change everything – have mostly come true.

MIS is now IT – Information Technology, and it and the Internet chave indeed hanged everything, and continues to change everything. And will continue to change everything.

Now not only do I not remember any one’s phone number anymore – I don’t have to remember where anyone currently lives. Ah! – technology.

For now I can find most everyone I know or would like to know via the Internet. One way or another. Sometimes they are easy to find. Sometimes much more difficult.

To make myself easier to find – I did join facebook last weekend – and I’ve posted 6 of my videos there in the last couple of days.

Also, to those friends/colleagues that don’t have a photo of themselves along with their name – especially when they can see if there are many others with the “same name” as you – please post your photo so that I can find you in this digital haystack.

Or continue to hide behind some graphic persona and miss a possible connection – which may be your point.

I was dragged into facebook by about 15 people in a two week span a little less than a month ago, or so.

It was first a former client, and then a bunch of ISPI’ers, and a couple of friends from the past. I felt compelled. I was being ganged up on. Some of them were also pinging me via Linkedin.

So that caused me to up my game/profile on Linkedin.

I did that – and then posted several professional Presentations there.

And then all of that last week led me to write my Post on The Fine Art of Wastin’ Time.

For I do worry a bit about getting sucked into these potential distractions, as valuable as a professional tool as they may be.

They can also be a “big time” “time sponge” – if one let’s that happen to themselves.

When I was a kid I had the time to waste. As an adult, not so much. Maybe a little.

Life is a balance. Or needs to be kept into balance. Even if you are occasionally out in Second Life.

My best wishes for balance in your life – or lives – especially entering into this typically hectic holiday season that many of us experience this time of year.

Check in with me later – when you have the time!


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