The CAD Project Plan Template and Link to the PACT Interview Guide

In a prior post I covered the PACT Interview Guide for the “alpha phase” – the phase that precedes a “potential” Phase 1- Project Planning & Kick-Off – for a CAD effort or an MCD effort, or an IAD effort.

Because the Interviews “could determine” that Instruction/Information isn’t going to “move the needle” so to speak regarding performance improvment. Note: I use “alpha” and “omega” phases to bookend Client PACT Projects’ typical phase structures.

The Interview Guide frames the questions needed to elicit most of the information needed by the “planner” for producing an “aligned – to the Client/Customers/ Stakeholders’ needs, desires and constraints. Form follows function – in that the Interview Guide is in sync with the Project Plan – for CAD, MCD and IAD efforts – of the PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management.

When one starts the Interviews one should be open to the effort to be planned being any one of the 3 – or multiples: CAD and IADs – as in a CAD leading to the development of performance-based Qualification/Certification “Performance Tests” – as one example.

That allows the narratives of the Project Plan TEMPLATE (later/ below in this post) to be edited for review/ approval/ rejection/ modification at the PST GRM – Project Steering Team’s Gate Review Meeting.

The Task-Roles-Schedule Charts are also then edited to align to the needs of the effort and the constraints of the Client. That too is reviewed at the Phase 1 PST – GRM.

I’ve been using this format for Project Plans and Proposals since Ray Svenson introduced to me his format/template back in 1982. I evoled our SWI Project Plan template for CAD – as well as for our ADDIE-level ISD project efforts.

I also created the Interview Guide for the training sessions I was doing with our Clients’ ISD staff on the CAD methodologies going back into the late 1980s. Here is the cover page for the Interview Guide from SWI in 1995. A newer version of the Interview Guide was posted 4 posts earlier than this post.

And here are J-Pegs of the CAD Project Plan Template…click on each to enlarge and copy if you wish…

The Cover page…

Purpose – a short paragraph or two about what is is about and why.

Background – more about the why and other salient details that will/ have impacted the plan’s editing.

Explanation about the CAD Process’ Outputs…and the 5-Tier Inventory Structure

Details about Training Module and Event Specs and Paths and Planning Guides…and Scope of the CAD effort…

CAD Approach and Phases

More about each of the Phases…

Content of the key outputs…


More about Phases and then Project Roles and Teams

More about the Roles…

More on Roles and then Project Deliverables

Deliverables and their software formats…and the SWI Consultant Backgrounds (as of 1994/5)…

More Clients and Target Audiences/Types of CAD…

Last of SWI’s CAD Client List…and Introduction to the Project Task/ Assignments/ Schedule

Task Charts for Phase 1…through Phase 4…to be edited by the PPM – PACT Project Manager…

This template in an updated format – plus many others related to CAD – is available for free use – updating – at The PACT Wiki. I have yet to upload all of the MCD items as I have done with CAD in 2007. Perhaps sometime in 2009.

These tools and templates and models and descriptions and training materials are intellectual property that I acquired when SWI dissolved in 1997. I brought those to CADDI when I started CADDI – and I licensed CADDI to use them – until CADDI was dissolved in 2002.
Now I use them via EPPIC. But they are still mine – despite the claims of some of those who I have employed/ trained/ developed and certified in these methods years ago. They “forget” to credit them appropriately – by crediting them to themselves as in “our proprietary methods” – which is a false claim.
And BTW: W. Edwards Deming had nothing to do with any of this. Despite one person’s claims – as they try to obscure the truth when asked directly.
I have been offering these proprietary tools/ templates to anyone who gives appropriate attestation.
Some have been using them without giving credit that is due. It would seem to be an ethics issue, if not a legal one.
# # #

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