Kaoru Ishikawa and The Ishikawa Diagram

Ishikawa Diagram

Back in 1981 when I first saw this – an Ishikawa Diagram – I was just beginning to learn more about quality- little q, Quality Big Q, and TQM – Total Quality Management – and that led to me mentally combining the Ishikawa Diagram with Gilbert’s 6 Boxes for my own EPPI models and methods.

EPPI Fishbone 14 Variables

Processes were not seen at that time – to my knowledge – within the type of “context” that Geary Rummler brought to that party – as important in the quality movement – before Dr. Rummler did so at Motorola and it spread forth as both Process Swim lane Maps and then … Six Sigma.

I see Bloggers referring to HPT (Human Performance Technology) within a fairly tight ISD/ID frame.

HPT is much more than ISD/ID.

In fact – IMO –  ISD and ID are SUBSETS of HPT. Not the other way around.

Focusing on improving – leaning and getting closer to Six Sigma are another 2 subsets of HPT.

So are improved selection, retention and compensation efforts.

Plus capital improvements and collaboration between suppliers and customers.

Kaoru Ishikawa made a tremendous contribution – and his tool – and sometimes his name lives on.

When properly referred to.

You can call it a fish bone diagram, or a cause and effect diagram. Or the 4Ms.

Ishikawa Diagram

I need to refer to it as The Ishikawa Diagram.

Out of respect for his contribution. And to keep his memory alive.

# # #

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