Shrinking the Footprint and the Weight of My Performance Tools with Technology Advances

I bought this at the same time Ray Svenson, my new employer bought his. I forget who had the idea. It was the very first portable computer. At least a consumer version. The thing was heavy. But I did drag it back and forth between home and the office – for a short while. Then I parked it home for good. I never learned the operating system well enough to really use it. And it was heavy.

I drafted my early drafts of what became lean-ISD – back then titled: The Curriculum Manager’s Handbook – about the very early CAD methods and my adapted ADDIE methods.

Nowadays – I travel with a small laptop. It works even when the person in front of me backs their seat almost into my face. That – is the acid test. And being lightweight.

And at the “home office” I have another Sony VAIO – which has served me well.

When I upgrade my mobile phone in 10 days I would like it to replace all of those other performance tools – covered in this earlier Blog Posting – even though I am sure that I’ll LEARN something using them.

My very small Briefcase – I downsized that to force me to not drag around too much – also includes some other very important performance tools, including Kleenex, Lip Balm, a Bandaid, Aspirin and Day Quill. And a very small and lightweight Umbrella. They are there – and all lightweight – because of my prior learnings:

Learnings from when they weren’t there when I needed one or another.

Be prepared. Learn from your experiences. And get small.

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