HPT Practitioner Video Podcasts – 2009

Another change of years – another season of getting ready for the next ISPI Conference – this year in Orlando. I’ve got one general session and I’ll be doing a table at the Bagel Barrel. More on those in some later Post.

Today it’s about the next years series of HPT Practitioner Video Podcasts – 2009 – this year the theme/subject is your HPT Elevator Speech.

How do your explain HPT?

HPT – Human Performance Technology

If you’ve known me for a while through NSPI/ ISPI – then if you see me coming your way at this next conference with my tripod-mounted-camera – you should be prepared to respond to/answer the 5 point script:

1. State your name
2. Tell us about your first exposure to HPT
3. Who have been your biggest HPT Influences?
4. Give us your 30 Seconds HPT Elevator Speech
5. Where you are focused on expanding your knowledge/skill in HPT and its applications?

And if you don’t know me – approach me and I’ll video you!

And don’t take much longer than 30 seconds!
I actually hope to see several of us out there “tripod-mounted-cameras” in hand – capturing real people inside the diverse world of HPT – Human Performance Technology.

And details about the “HPT Practitioner Video Podcast Series” – will be coming soon. But anyone who gets ahead of me, just use the following in quotes when posting a Video wherever in cyberspace you choose – have it your way – just make it easy for me/anyone to find it:
“HPT Practitioner Video Podcast Series”
For more about the ISPI 2009 Conference go to http://www.ispi.org/
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