New to Instructional Design/ Learning & Development? Learn Enough About ISD in 3 Hours from 3 Videos to Get Started in the Right Direction!

These are just my suggested start to those new to the biz of Learning – in an Enterprise Context.

Invest 3 Hours to Develop Yourself in the world of Learning to Improve Performance for ROI.

There is also much more to learn about the specifics of your Enterprise – it’s critical processes, business challenges, culture and the technologies you can have for planning, analysis, design, development, deployment/access, tracking and reporting – but this is how to get a fairly quick orientation to the best approaches/thinking about human performance and the desired/required results of training/ learning and/or knowledge management content.

Regardless of any current technology/gadgets to deploy/access content with. Timeless in that regard.

3 Hours via 3 Videos:

Geary Rummler – Performance-Based Trainingweb link – from 1981. 46 minutes. From a series of development sessions at MTEC conducted in 1981.

Neil Rackham – Instructional Design Criteriaweb link – from 1981. 57 minutes. From a series of development sessions at MTEC conducted in 1981.

Ruth Clark – Leveraging the Virtual Classroom for Effective Learningweb link – 68 minutes from Dr. Clark – part of the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus (UMBC) series of ISD- November 2008.

Just a suggested start. My suggested start.

A quick start…to a longer learning curve.

But there are many paths one might take to really “get into it.”

The route you take could be filled with fads and frills…or it could start with a focus on: results: human performance competence and what the research tells us about fact and fiction in the Learning space that one can use to achieve results that positively impact the individual, the process, the organization and the whole of society on our planet.

Performance-based approaches are GREEN – they waste not, want not inappropriately of shareholder equity!

Any other ideas/ contributions/ suggestions?

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