Training Should Be the Last Resort in the Performance Improvement Solution-Set

Sometimes the Learning Content used in the Workflow – is committed to memory – but “only as needed” for most learners/Performers. Sometimes not.
Sometimes I can completely forget the content – the Information and/or Instruction – and simply “source it again” the next time I need it.
So – if that is the case – what Learning is really happening? 
Is it Learning How To?
Yes – it is – but is it – how to do the performance – or – how to resource the answers to your questions?
Learning sometimes isn’t needed/desired/enough. 
Training should be a last resort. Training for recall – for critical performance to manage risk and reward. When you needs skills “well honed” or “like second nature.”  
Performance Support is often the better choice. To train on if needed. Or to use “in the workflow” – the process performance.
Some training is good. Much is bad. Bad gets all the press.
And sometimes real Learning occurs from training/ learning – real long term Learning/Performance Capability occurs/develops. 
Learning as evidenced now by Performance Competence at some thing – without the Performance Support. Recall is used instead.
As the situation demands of it – typically – complex performance isn’t committed to memory unless its situational context is likely to leave time for sourcing the right content in the workflow.
 Not always. 
And sometimes people learn things so well despite the lack of real need for it – when compared to “all that could be learned” on the road to mastery. 
As always, it depends.
It’s people. It’s hard to predict. It’s better to prepare.
Think about all of the air flight crews up at any one moment. Prepared. Trained. Trained often in the use of Performance Support Systems and Tools. Prepared.
Prepared to a “T” !!!
# # #

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