My Love of Gizmos and Gadgets for Performance-and-Learning Goes Way Back

I like/ love gizmos and gadgets for Performance – as in Performance Support – as in EPSS: Electronic Performance Support Systems.
At the 2001 ISPI Conference I had a spot on the roster for the “99 Seconds” Opening Session – and as we went alphabetically I happened to be “before” (which is important) Evan D. Williams – son of Diane Gayeski. Evan was a teenager – that’s why it was important to go before and not “after” – think W. C. Fields (or google that: W. C. Fields and children).
Evan had been coming to ISPI since it was NSPI – as a kid tagging along with his mother and doing the technology thing for her and her business.
I cannot remember exactly what he spoke about in his 99 Seconds – but it had to do with technology and Performance (not Learning as primary – but that as a means to Performance). He was very impressive!!!
So after “clearing it” with his mom – I invited him to be a guest columnist for my firm’s quarterly newsletter – the paper/PDF predecessor to this Blog: Pursuing Performance.
He wrote 5 columns…
PDAs for Performance Improvement in the Summer 2001 issue:
Then he wrote about: Performance Improvement with Digital Audio
Then he next wrote about: The Future of Cell Phones
His next in this 5-part series was on: The Dawn of Wearable Computers
And the last article Evan wrote for me was on:  Context Aware Mobile Technology
That PDF is unavailable.
Evan is now out of school and running his own business as an appraiser of fine art:
And Diane Gayeski – whom I hope to see again at this Spring’s ISPI Conference in Orlando – may be reached at:
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