Impromptu Learning – Fire on the Mountain

When a helicopter is operating at ground level right outside your door – you notice. So did 3 of my 4 grandchildren. Well – it was really at “water” level.
There was a “fire on the mountain” up in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains this past week – several “hollers” over from where my wife raised her two children – and now where her son lives with his family. In 1993 they created a 3 acre pond outside their front door – and part of the deal about that – is that you agree with the state to allow such “uses of the water” when it is necessary. As in fire fighting – from the air.
While the crew dealt with the “water bucket” and cables – the pilot gave the kids a quick nickel tour. Then it was quickly back to work.
The kids of course – were mesmerized by the helicopter dipping it’s bucket into their pond – the pond that was still holding pockets of ice the day before. The pond that they had run, ice-skated and played on – just a week earlier.
Hang on! (I’m sure he’s belted in!)
Someday the water will return to the Catawba River basin, and into the lake just outside my door. Many miles “downstream” and 6 “lakes” away.
Give it time. Give it time.
Oh – and the fire is out.
# # #

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