A Visit with Joe Harless – March 14, 2009 – Priceless

I drove 5 hours in mostly a downpour, from Charlotte NC, to the suburbs of Atlanta GA, to visit with Joe Harless on Saturday March 14th, 2009.

Here is his hacienda in Newnan Georgia – through my rain splattered windshield…
Storyline: I drove 5 hours this past Saturday to visit with Joe Harless for a video taping session – for the second year in a row.
It was great – other than the video “problem” – the second “problem” in two years – more on that in a moment. It must be “operator error” rather than a technology error. Dang!!!
Joe had me come into town in an other manner than what my GPS was suggesting. It was shorter, less congested he said. It was also more scenic.
Joe had agreed, for the second year in a row, to be the first in this year’s HPT Practitioner Video Podcast Series. But I was really there to conduct a more open video interview with him about what he’s been up to lately, the recent and past books he’s written, and his stories/ memories of other HPT luminaries – some of whom have recently passed on.
It was, well, priceless.
I set up my camera – and then we decided to head down the street for lunch at Sprayberry’s BBQ – opened in 1926 – a most famous BBQ joint just down the street from Joe’s home.
Everyone who worked there knew him, they were mostly Sprayberrys themselves. Even most of the patrons – long time patrons – said hello to Joe! He entertained me with many stories of his indoctrination of the many visitors he brought to Sprayberry’s from his many years of operating the Harless Performance Guild in Newnan GA.
Here is our 2nd HPT Practitioner Video Podcast – for 2009 – fairly redundant with the 2008 version – not his fault – I wrote the script…this video is 6:30 (minutes:seconds)…
Then we sat down and did a more open, relaxed interview…and just after his story about his good buddy Bob Mager – and well into the next story – my camera shut down – my battery went dead – and I lost a most memorable story about Joe and Bob. Why I saw the monitor go dead several minutes after it shut down – I don’t know.
Here is the more open, not so-rambling interview with Joe about what he’s been up to lately, about his most recent book, and some trips down memory lane…even without the Mager story it is 32:48 in length…
I won’t spoil it here – I did ask for permission to come back next year – and I will have improved my technology significantly by then. Or I may go back in the next few months – if time allows – and capture that story about Joe and Bob Mager – and some more stories/ memories. It was, as I’ve written, priceless.
One thing you should know about – Informal Learning – if you will – is about Joe’s most recent book: Black Warrior’s Curse – available here. He gives the background for the book’s storyline in the longer video interview. I decided there during the interview that I more than revered him. I loved him. Child of the 60’s and all that. Me that is. And him too.
It was a most rewarding experience. Priceless to borrow a phrase. I am glad to share this – the first of many longer – more open video interviews that I hope to do in the next few years – of: The HPT Legacy Series.
Please feel free to capture your own and share with others. I certainly don’t own the concept!!!
Here is Sprayberry’s just down the street from Joe’s house…I caught these photos after they were closed for the afternoon – on my way out of Newnan…
For more on Sprayberry’s see these Google search results.
Thanks again Joe! You are priceless!!!
Even though Joe won’t be at the ISPI annual Spring Conference – I will be. I will be there to see the many people who carry on in the tradition of Joe Harless. Those who understand – it’s all about Performance Improvement. Accomplished behavior.
I hope to see you there. For information about the ISPI conference this April, go here.
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