Averaging Up , Down, or Out?

Call me a sceptic, a contrarian, an old f*rt.

Whatever. Grey-beard. Grey-head (not quite yet – but it is coming).

Does the “Wisdom of the Crowd” AVERAGE you up, down – or out?

If you average OUT – what have you accomplished – take the highs and lows and find the median. Like guessing the weight of the Ox.

OK if you are guessing – and playing a gambling game.

What should we do about global warming? Ask the crowd – and collectively they’d get it right? After they averaged “out?”

Getting the right people on the bus BEFORE venturing out on the journey – is an attempt to average up, not down, not out.

Heck – I’m certainly not right all of the time. Not even most of the time. Neither are you.

Life is full of variances. And “non-intuitive” facts. Like leaning downhill over THAT downhill ski (snow skiers know from whence I speak). Lean over the edge ma’am – and you’ll be just fine!

OK – you’ve really got to trust your ski instructor (the ego-maniac right?) to “do what he advises.” Lean out OVER the downhill ski and put all of your weight on that – and – don’t lean back toward the mountain.

Yeah. Right.

If I have to rely on the WISDOM OF THE CROWD – then better be hanging with the right folks.

While not PERFECT – Six Sigma – or otherwise…I like ISPI – the International Society for Performance Improvement.

I’ve been a member since 1979. Actively.

And I think that has averaged me up.

# # #

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