What is Your Need: Discontinuous Improvement – or – Continuous Improvement

Some are calling for blowing up (figuratively, not literally) the Training Function. It is not meeting the current needs – nor is it prepared for meeting the future needs.

So – blow it up and start all over again (Tobacco Road, my mind continues the song lyrics from the 1960s).

That would suggest Discontinuous Improvement versus Continuous Improvement.

But I would suggest that the Training Function should get it’s act together by getting its Process-act together first.

If the people running the show at your Enterprise Training/ Learning/ Knowledge Management Function(s) don’t have their act together, process-wise, then I might start there.

Well actually I would start somewhere else before I launched into process improvement using Lean and Six Sigma tools and techniques – but I would eventually get there, and soon. For time and money is a wastin’ – shareholder equity that is.

I would first assess the maturity of our ISD processes.

But ISD processes are more than your version of ADDIE. More than your structured approach to Training (SAT). More than my CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design. Much more.

In my model – which you should adapt if you cannot adopt – I have 47 such processes that are necessary for a Training/ Learning/ Knowledge Management Function. They are grouped into 12 buckets, and those are grouped into three segments…leadership, core and support…

They are covered in my book- T&D Systems View – which is available as a hardback and Kindle at Amazon.com – and as a free PDF at http://www.eppic.biz/ – and provides an assessment tool and design tool for your revamping your T&D/ L&D/ KMS Function.

And my book – lean-ISD – also available as a hardbound and Kindle – and as a free PDF at http://www.eppic.biz/ – provides a proven approach to those processes traditionally thought of as ISD – the ADDIE level of ID and the Curriculum Architecture (for creating performance-based T&D Paths) level of ISD. Those are at 5 and 6 O’Clock on the T&D Systems View model/graphic.

You really need to start at 12 O’Clock high.

At 12 O’Clock you are connecting with the leaders and needs of your Enterprise – something that you should have done BEFORE this tough economy – and getting aligned. To serve them and their priority needs.

Is it too late to get your act together process-wise – and do you now need to “blow it up and start all over again?” – or is there still time to systematically tackle improvements in parallel versus in series.

And if it is time to blow it up and start all over again, what is or will be your guide to rebuilding your Phoenix from the ashes?

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