A Process Assessment & Design Tool: T&D Systems View

I believe that you have the following 47 Processes happening in your organization. Some are in more control than others, as appropriate to your situation/context. From chapter 4 of my 2001 book: T&D Systems View…

…Scan these to quickly assess whether these are OK or not – and/or IF improving any one or collection of them might produce significant RETURNS making it worthy of doing…

Where might “improvement” INVESTMENTS generate a siginificant RETURN? Focus there!

12 O’clock: T&D Governance and Advisory System
1. T&D Governance Process
2. T&D Advisory Process

1 O’clock: T&D Strategic Planning System
1. Enterprise Strategic Plans Surveillance Process
2. T&D Strategic Planning Process

2 O’clock: T&D Operations Planning and Management System
1. Annual Operations Planning and Budgeting Process
2. Quarterly Operations Planning and Budgeting Updates Process
3. Forecasting and Accounting Process

3 O’clock: T&D Cost/Benefits Measurement System
1. Cost/Benefits Measurement System Design and Deployment Process
2. Ongoing Cost/Benefits Measurement and Feedback Receiving Process
3. T&D Project Lessons Learned Process
4. Results Reporting and Archiving Process

4 O’clock: T&D Process Improvement System
1. T&D Issues Generation and Assessment Process
2. T&D Improvement Project Planning and Management Process

5 O’clock: T&D Product and Service Line Design System
1. T&D Product and Service Line Program Management Process
2. T&D Product Line Design Process
3. T&D Service Line Design Process

6 O’clock: T&D Product and Service Line Development/Acquisition System
1. T&D Product and Service Line Development and Acquisition Program Management Process
2. T&D Custom Development Process
3. T&D Purchased Product Acquisition Process
4. T&D Purchased Product Modification Process
5. Existing T&D Maintenance Process

7 O’clock: T&D Product and Service Line Deployment System
1. T&D Master Materials Storage and Retrieval Process
2. T&D Master Materials Change Management Process
3. T&D Scheduling Process
4. T&D Facilitator and Coach Development and Certification Process
5. Facilitator-led T&D Deployment Process
6. Self-paced T&D Deployment Process
7. Coached/Mentored T&D Deployment Process

8 O’clock: T&D Marketing and Communications System
1. T&D Stakeholder Communications Process
2. Individual T&D Planning Process
3. T&D Ordering and Registration Process

9 O’clock: T&D Financial Asset Management System
1. Organizational T&D Plans and Budget Roll-up and Adjustment Process
2. T&D Physical Property Management Process

10 O’clock: T&D Human and Environmental Asset Management System
1. T&D Staff Recruiting and Selection/Succession Process
2. T&D Staff Training and Development Process
3. T&D Staff Assessment Process
4. T&D Staff Compensation and Benefits Process
5. T&D Staff Rewards and Recognition Process
6. T&D Organization Structural Design Process
7. T&D Facilities Development and Deployment Process
8. T&D Equipment and Tools Development and Deployment Process
9. T&D Materials and Supplies Acquisition and Deployment Process
10. T&D Information Systems Development and Deployment Process
11. T&D Methods Deployment Process

11 O’clock: T&D Research and Development System
1. T&D Methodology and Technology Surveillance Process
2. T&D Internal and External Benchmarking Process
3. T&D Methodology and Technology Pilot-Testing Process

We know it’s a long list. We know it’s a lot to think about.

We know you wish this T&D world were much simpler.

It isn’t, so let’s get on with the business of managing it and producing worthy T&D better, faster, and cheaper. And by worthy we mean with return on investment for economic value add. T&D for the shareholders.

Are there any IMPROVEMENT TARGETS in your mind now?

Do these systems and processes exist in your current situation? We bet that they do in one way or another, either formally or informally, in control or not in control. And, we don’t believe that every one of them should be equally controlled or equally formal.

As always, it depends.

More on that later in Chapters 8 through 28 – in T&D Systems View – a 2001 book by Guy W. Wallace – available as a hardbound and Kindle at http://www.amazon.com/ – and as a free PDF at http://www.eppic.biz/

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