Reducing Over-Generalizing In Learning By Targeting a Specific Context

When I read online or on-paper about Learning I am almost always trying to figure out which Learning Context or Contexts the writer is writing about. Some proclamations seem to place the proclaimer in one camp/ one context, but their proclamations exclude nothing from falling within the rule set out, the generalization set out.

In frustration with the over-generalizations made by many in the Learning Space, as I am sure I am guilty of creating myself, I created this 3 segmented Learning Context model (above) and descriptions – see here for those.

Most don’t position what they are writing about as a generalization with exceptions. Many come across as it they are THE ONE with the one true concept-set, one model-set, one tool-set.

To combat that I often use the following phrase in my writings, as a self-reminder and as a reminder to my readers: As always, it depends.

One size does not fit all. And Best Practices should never had been something you’d consider “cutting and pasting” into some new context -without having to then edit/tweak for a better fit. Best practices might be able to be adopted, but more often they would need to be adapted.

As a general rule that is.

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