The PACT LOGIC – a Data Logic for ISD

I have mutiple ISD models of my ISD Processes that employ my ISD methods, models/imagery, templates and tools, and practitioner techniques. Scalable for any Enterprise.

The “product line engineering” of performance-based T&D (formal, guided-informal, and totally informal) CAD efforts – lead to MCD and IAD efforts – which are the manufacturing/ production oriented processes – that sometimes follow a CAD, but not always.

CAD efforts can span 5 to 10 days, depending on how you wish to man and manage the effort – and what kinds of risk that might incur from your haste. A typical project is 30 to 60 days; some at 90 days cycle time. But I have done them much faster when absolutely necessary.

Don’t let “phases” make you think that you cannot combine all into one BIG meeting. You can. Start to finish.

All the roles that need to be available in any one phase are then required to be in that one BIG meeting. And depending on the scope, and the ability to bring the “room to concensus” – it might be a 5 to 10 day long BIG meeting.

If you accomplished that above with one more layer of design outputs – you’d already be half-way through the MCD/IAD process methodologies.

All of this requires an “enabled data LOGIC” – and for my efforts that is the PACT LOGIC.

The PACT LOGIC of course needs to be adapted to the environment in which it is to be used. So the above is simply the initial wiring diagram, yet to be adapted to the local environment and systems and processes.

More about PACT can be found in the free 404-page PDF: lean-ISD…

…available at along with many other free PACT-related resources.

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